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Answers I Really Wanna Know: History in the Making?


Will the market greet Obama with open arms?

  • Has there ever been a transfer of power where the fortunes of so many rested on the shoulders of so few?

  • Isn't that missing the point entirely?

  • After years of reckless spending, conspicuous consumption and mismanaged policy, don't we each need to take responsibility in affecting positive change?

  • Do you think it's too late for me to start a Syracuse University free throw shooting clinic?

  • Y'all see the British Pound drop to a record low against the Yen after the U.K.'s second bank bailout plan (in three months) raised concerns that the financial crisis is deepening?

  • As the dollar gains strength (+1.7%) against a basket of currencies?

  • And don't we know that while a weaker dollar is a necessary precursor but no guarantor of higher asset classes, a higher dollar is a fierce headwind for Hoofy?

  • They won't let the market crack on Obama's big day, right?

  • Was the Societe Generale scandal really one year ago?

  • Did you ever see Hoofy & Boo's coverage (one of my faves)?

  • Did you see how our "Jump, Test, Run, Rest" script played out on Friday?

  • With the banks at 14-year lows, shouldn't we revisit the BKX vs. SPX correlation (also known as "the piggies vs. the poke)?

  • As we've been highlighting the price action in Research in Motion (RIMM) over the last week or so, does it make sense to note the noice, rounding bottom in the stock?

  • Should our trading approach be "three yards and a cloud of profits" until we see the safety cheat, at which point we'll hit our receiver on a slant pattern?

  • Wasn't the time to talk about potential insolvency in financial institutions back in 2007 (70% higher) when you could still proactively prepare?

  • Was the "winner" of Titans-Ravens game too banged up to beat a healthy Pittsburgh squad?

  • Did you see the 1974 S&P analog that Pepe highlighted on the Buzz?

  • Why don't more restaurants feature sweet potato fries?

  • A well-managed company which has to deal with world markets, shipping, refining, currency rates, environmental oversight, exploration and risk control makes $10 billion in one quarter and is threatened with a windfall profit tax on its 9% profit margin while a bank reports its first loss in 17 years gets a $20 billion bail out? (Thanks Minyan Ron.)
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