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Random Thoughts: Which Bank Can Lose the Most?


Struggling financials are keeping traders on their toes.

  • BKX 75 remains the ripcord level for any and all upside efforts. It held yesterday and Bonnie is keeping a watchful eye on it today.

  • What trades well? You, when you're disciplined. What doesn't trade so well? The semis.

  • Hello Baidu (BIDU) my old friend. You probed resistance once again...

  • Why are pulps bloody? And do people in London, when drinking orange juice that is way too thick, say "Bloody pulp!" Or is all this just Pulp Fiction?

  • What a Croc (CROX) of... shoot, can I say that? Speaking of momentum gone bad, did anyone notice that EMC (EMC) bought Iomega (IOM) for $3 and change? Wow, talk about a cat's moment. I used to gear up like Rambo and fight that puppy till the death on both sides of the ride.

  • WARNING!!! Do not listen to this song unless you wanna have it in your head the rest of the day. And yes, Romeo, I'm talking to you!

  • The funny thing is I knew... just knew that Wachovia (WB) would trade higher this morning, if only for a bit. I sold the close yesterday to prove a point (to myself) that the mechanics of the swing are more important than the results of the at-bat. I had no catalyst and hope isn't a viable investment vehicle.

  • Ever feel like you're a half a step slow? I covered up my Lehman (LEH) last week (discipline) and the stock has been a pity party since. It was the pinkest pimple amongst the piggies in today's initial poke.

  • If all these multinationals are being helped by currency gains as a function of the weaker dollar, will we effectively have a double whammy when Stella, er, the greenback gets her groove back?

  • Lehman? Pish pish. Look at the action in State Street Bank (STT), today's winner of the "which bank can lose the most in a single day?" contest.

  • Did I mention BKX 75? State Street is 4.3% of the banking index.

  • I can't get Peter Gabriel out of my keppe and it's starting to freak me out. Instead of "Sledgehammer," however, the words "Risk junkie" keep taking their place. Take... the capital... away.

  • So, when does the situation start? My gut is before November.

  • We're thinking of getting a pet for MVHQ. A mascot, if you will, of the non-metaphorical variety. AJ wants a ferret. Woo wants a gerbil. Spider wants a fly. Me? I just want a hug. Is that so wrong?

  • Hit 'em hard, Minyans, we're only 4247 days away from 2020!

  • The Following Buzz Appeared at 11:36 AM and it's being shared because we care:

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    A funny thing has happened as the S&P dips to the lows of the day. Not funny like "ha ha" and certainly not funny like a clown. Funny as in interesting. Perhaps, funny as in telling.

    The financials--the source of stress this morning on the heels of State Street--have found some sponsorship. While many remain pretty in pink, the tone and tenor has seemingly shifted. As Coops noted earlier, gap fillage isn't necessarily a bad thing. Heck, it certainly shook out some weak holders (which, of course, may be dear prudence).

    Just keep your wits about you here, Minyans, for the next hour should speak volumes about the end of day action (which could have implications into expiration).


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