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Answers I Really Wanna Know...

By many of your daily thoughts are mindful, present and appreciative of the here and now?

  • Did you see the chart that Professor Sedacca posted to the Buzz yesterday showing the near universal love (85%) for crude?

  • Just as the drillers are testing a level that has contained them for a full year?

  • If that's a recipe for an energy correction, will you remember why you wanna be involved when it's 5% lower?

  • What is Boom Boom thinking as the yield curve flattens just when homeowners need to refinance out of their toxic ARM's? (Professor Fil Zucchi )

  • And why isn't Alan Greenspan being held to task for encouraging home owners to effectively sell interest rate options via those very same ARM's?

  • Are you watching S&P 1450, BKX 113.50 and GS $210 as contextual technical levels for the tape?

  • If the average mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day and 40,000 of those are recurring-and then you factor in how much time you spend planning for what you need to do-how many of your daily thoughts are mindful, present and appreciative of the here and now?

  • Are crude and gold still part of the "geopolitical tension" trade or have they migrated back to a proxy for the entire asset class spectrum (vs. the other side of the dollar)?

  • Is the negative divergence by the banks an ominous sign (as it typically is) or was it simply a rotation, setting the stage for a stiffer lift once they find a bid?

  • If not, will it further stoke the seeds of isolationism a la CNOOC?

  • And further the existing trend of Nationalization as heretofore third world countries protect their own assets?

  • Are emerging market risk spreads really back at the level they were on February 22, a few days before the sell-off that shook the world?

  • Do I have too many S&P puts (vs. a spate of select longs)?

  • Is that "ok" as long as I define my risk (below S&P 1450)?

  • Ya'll see the dollar listening to some chin music this morning (-50 bips) as it tests short-term support?

  • Do the Yanks still need to get their paws on one more solid starter?

  • Or is 2007 the year of the Mets?

  • Will the higher input costs be passed to an already strapped consumer or eat into the margins of corporate America?

  • If Walt Disney could brand two rodents as cultural icons, why can't we take the Wall Street bull and bear and affect positive change through financial understanding?


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