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Answers: To Buy or Not to Buy?


The critters dig in for the battle of Turnaround Tuesday.

  • Where's Chloe?

  • Why do societies collapse?

  • Is Boo Throwing Stones in front of Saturday night's Garden revival?

  • Is it a coincidence that Friday's high tick was S&P 875, our oft-discussed level of lore?

  • Do traders follow technical analysis because it works or does technical analysis work because folks follow it?

  • Wouldn't Hoofy make the case that a pause that refreshes is positive given we were so overbought and a breakout of that magnitude wouldn't have been sustainable given the field position (leading, quite possibly, to a pop & drop)?

  • Wouldn't Boo, through his secular lens, offer that the sharpest rallies occur in the context of bear markets and the fact that we've seen the sharpest bear market rally in history portends that the grizzliest bear market ever might be in motion?

  • What has Smita Sadana's in depth research on historical bear markets, bear market rallies and confirmations of new bull markets taught us? Find out with her Bull Market Timer.

  • Did you know that it's impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue?

  • Societal acrimony? What societal acrimony?

  • While we've been monitoring the two-sided gap in the financial crack (FAS)-which "works" to $6.25-shouldn't we sync that with the corresponding gap in the financial spiders (XLF), which "works" to $9.25?

  • And if we draw trend lines with a crayon rather than a pencil, wouldn't BKX 30 be acceptable wiggle room?

  • Either way, is the "easy trade" the first fade (buy) in the financials today?

  • Given we switched our stylistic approach to "buying dips to sell blips" in early March, at what point should we flip that switch to "selling blips to buy dips?"

  • Now... or after S&P 875 triggers and paves the way towards S&P 975, sucking in the last bear standing?

  • If we put one disciplined foot in front of the other, do we necessarily need to answer that right here and right now?

  • What lucky company is gonna land (Minyanville Advisory Board member) Wenda Harris Millard?

  • If the guy who invented Sno-Cones can bank massive coin, shouldn't we be able to trade this tape and make some cake?

  • Isn't it nuts how many in the mainstream media base their bias reactively to the price action?

  • Is Hoofy's argument that the sharpest pullbacks occur in the context of a bull market the only lipstick we can put on the (20% loss in select) pigs yesterday?

  • Will you be watching the dry eyes from yesterday (Morgan Stanley (MS), Amazon (AMZN), Halliburton (HAL)) for potential traction today?

  • Is Starkwood Industries art that imitates life?

  • Have you tossed the Broadcom (BRCM)-Emulex (ELX) deal into your "incremental positive" pool?

  • Do you remind yourself daily that the greatest opportunities are bred from the most profound obstacles?

  • Would now be a good time to remind ye faithful of the importance of financial staying power?

  • Have the excesses of our generation officially started to trickle down to the next?

  • Dude, did you really try to touch your elbow with your tongue? Don't you feel silly now?


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