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Random Thoughts


The piggies--which were the tell all week--remain stuck in the mud...until this bacon gets shakin', rallies will likely get faded like a pair of blue jeans.

  • Minyanville is proud to announce the addition of Professor Jon Markman. For those unfamiliar with his vibe, I suggest this column that he penned on May 10 (or, his MV opener, for that matter). Food for thought for critters of all shapes and sizes!

  • The piggies--which were the tell all week--remain stuck in the mud. BKX 115 (200-day) is the first level of lore, BKX 116 (breakdown) is the second and BKX 118 (top end of the range) is resistance number tres. So, until this bacon gets shakin', rallies will likely get faded like a pair of blue jeans.

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  • Is it any coincidence that the market started to struggle at the same time as Paris and Lindsay? Think about it, Minyans, our A..D.D. immediate gratification idolatry may be shifting before our eyes!

  • The heads up of the week? I would argue that it's Professor Bennet Sedacca's global rate winks. They were on the 'Ville in front of the market spill and before the mainstream media got on board.

  • Why is it that when you bite your lip, your teeth find the same exact spot over and over and over again…?

  • Now everybody from the 5-1-3, put your Google in the air and follow me. We've been watching this master beta proxy as a key tell, focusing on the GOOG $513 level, from where it broke out. It's right there, right now so keep it front and center. A break in this name-or Apple, for that matter-will be a blow to the bovine psychology.

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  • The 13% pop in Nat'l Semi (6% weighting in the SOX) accounts for 3.6 points of this morning's semi snazz.

  • Television's JeffMacke® is wearing my Austin Powers wig today. OK Jeff, here's a chance to do something great for the kids. If you wear the wig during your entire Fast Money show tonight, I will donate $1000 to The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education . Don't be a kid hater----DO IT!

  • The grabby greenback is once again front and center (+55 bips).. That, along with market internals (currently flat) were yesterday's ursine wink. Next resistance? DXY 83.40 (downtrend line) and DXY 84 (200-day).

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  • "Turning to more practical ideas, some names that are coming back toward buy range for me are: GSE Systems (GVP), Trimble Navigation (TRMB), Verifone Hldgs. (PAY), Tetra Tech. (TTI), TradeStation Securities (TRAD), IMS Health (RX), and Genentech ." Professor Fil Zucchi on this morning's Buzz.

  • Someone bought 50,000 S&P July 1600 calls at about 12:15 EST. Cheapies for a dollah and creating about $300 million in delta to buy. So ya know.

  • Check out the commodities, Minyans, as crude and gold are off both off a deuce, silver is three percent lower and nickel is, er, a nickel (5%) in the red.

  • Two quickies from Kenicke about this action…

    • I've always believed that commodity vol precedes equity vol. Perhaps its playing ketchup in this instance but it's worthy of a mention. With so many newbie funds trafficking in these names, keep your eyes peeled for not-so-hot news from the hedgies.

    • This action is consistent with the "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation." The greenback is jiggy today and, sure 'nuff, "stuff" is going down, down, down.

  • 1502 is 90 degrees down from 1541. Closing the week above that level puts the market back into a stronger position for next week's expiration." Professor Jeff Coops De Ville on today's Buzz.

  • Have a fantastic weekend, Minyans, and make it count. Take it from someone who used to confuse net worth and self-worth . Life's too short to take anything for granted.

  • May peace be with you.


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