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Randoms: Signs of Life


The financials try to stake their claim to turnaround fame.


Editor's Note: The following was posted in real time on our premium Buzz & Banter (click for a free trial). It's being shared here for the benefit of the Minyanville community. See also Is the Rear-View Lurking?

Morning Dew - 8:50 am

Maybe something, maybe nothing but always honest, the Toddo Sleep-O-Meter has redlined again as I awoke at 3:30 and was unable to fall back asleep. Rather than hit my secret M&M stash (twice), I waited at the door of my gym when it opened this morning. Some weight liftage, a quick spin, some steamage and, halfway through my first Jo, I'm ready to roll.

Some top-line vibage:

  • If this analog to 1929-1940 continues to play out, should we assume the fetal position in the corner?

  • Field position has always been an invaluable context heading into earnings. Good news (that's not great) is sold in overbought markets and bad news (that's not horrid) is bought in oversold tapes.

  • Will TD-AmeriMinyans please phone home?

  • This article on executive compensation by Professor "Lt. Dan" Englander should be required reading for all Fortune 500 executives.

  • Has anyone else read Joe Torre's book and wondered if the MLB performance enhancing mindset mirrored the immediate gratification, A.D.D. society that prayed to the false idolatry of money and worshiped the Goddesses of Britney, Paris and Lindsey?

  • I'm trading with Winky Wright again--jab, jab, jab, duck--as the hit it to quit it approach has served me in good stead. I won't make as much on the big moves, I know, but opportunity cost is the other side of discipline.

  • Happy 40th to our very own Television's JeffMacke©. You're my brother, brother, and I'm blessed to have you in my life.

Micro-Eyes - 9:25 am

Maybe something, maybe nothing--maybe a pterodactyl--but Microsoft (MSFT) has a flattish hue of green despite the fugly red futures. I'm not involved, mind you, but mis ojos son tus ojos.

Gate Sniffage! - 9:51 am

  • Thanks Scoop! Barney Frank plans to introduce a bill that would prevent people from obtaining loans in the future they cannot afford. Pardon me while I bite my tongue.

  • If we're to draw trendlines with a crayon not a pencil, crude $48 is likely a level to watch for those dabblin' in Texas Tea.

  • Keep an eye on American Express (AXP) as it's goin' old school (that's green, lest my early wake up is causing humor deflation).

  • Kim Bauer, come on down!

  • If I had to take a snapshot of trading psychology right now, it could very well be "too smart to buy 'em but too scared to short 'em."

  • Breathe, Minyans. If you're not mandated to trade every day, use that to your advantage and practice proactive patience. There's typically one easy trade per day and advantageous risk/rewards that present themselves with time. Don't press or guess, that's precisely what Jonas Hodges would want you to do!

  • If you're diggin' the 'Ville, tell two friends. And they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on and so on! We're a community that relies on grass roots and good words and we appreciate the efforts of ye faithful as we continue to forge our path.

  • Thank you, now let's shake the tree!

Eye Spy! - 10:34 am

  • I just said to Pep "Hey man, you see the way Bank America (BAC), Citigroup (C), Morgan (MS) and American Express (AXP) are trading? They're practically begging you to buy 'em with their dry action. Sorta like the line on a football game that seems too obvious, eh?"

  • Olivia Taylor is one bad egg.

  • Zed's dead. Techs red but there are green beans in the Red Sea that include Microsoft (MSFT) (+2%), Broadcom (BRCM) and Texas Instruments (TXN), overbought conditions be darned.

  • He put onions in the eggs! Morning breadth is four to one negative, which is the single biggest stain today, so be careful if you choose to dance with Hoofy.

  • Me? Danger is my middle name and I'm hitting to quit it and making to take 'em. As such, I've dipped a toe in the financials (pure eyes) and will slap a tight trailing stop on my exposure. This has nothing to do with the potential reverse dandruff (BKX 32.5) but that, too, remains on my radar.

  • Engine room, more steam!

What's Shakin' Bacon? - 11:21 am

As I just said to Trading Maven MSG, "This is the press that has to hold if Hoofy is to have his shot." Indeed, with the dollar higher, breadth nosty, a General Motors (GM) toe tag looming and the uncertainty of earnings on tap (following a helluva haul to the upside), the most intuitive path today is through Red Dye Junction.

That's what would make sense, right?

Be that as it may, purely as a function of my eyes, I faded (read: bought) some piggies into this morning's poke lower and continue to operate with more trailers than 8-Mile. Setting stops removes emotion, I've learned, and I'm leaving those for weddings and funerals.

As always, I hope this finds you rocking in the free world.


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