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Quick Hits: Oprah Commands Viewers to Buy Kindle


Brief scrutiny of today's headlines.

The Oprah Winfrey Endorsement is the crown jewel of the business world. With millions of wide-eyed followers marching in lockstep with her every whim and desire, the media titan has the power to turn a product into a sensation or grind some lying upstart author into dust.

So saith Oprah, so goeth the world.

Later today, Oprah welcomes Amazon's (AMZN) Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to discuss her new favorite product - which, coincidentally, can only be found on Despite a lens-flare effect that obscures the device in the promo, there's little doubt that Oprah is referring to Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader.

Already an advocate of forcing Americans to read, Oprah's Book Club could finally push Kindle sales up to the iPod levels forecasted by Citigroup. The digital reader should be very popular with Oprah fans who have lost valuable shelf space to books Oprah commanded them to buy.

Then again, how will they show off her all-important seal of approval on a digital screen?

Bezos has announced that the company is in it for the long haul with Kindle along with their weakened projections for the fourth-quarter. The company expects 2008 revenues of $18.46 billion to $19.46 billion, down from earlier projections of $19.35 to $20.10 billion. However, an Oprah endorsement may drive such paltry projections through the roof.

The second version of Kindle -- which boasts a unified keyboard and less obtrusive buttons -- won't be available until next year. But today's episode of Oprah could make for a very lucrative holiday season for Amazon.
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