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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Earnings Into Resistance


How will the Street react to overnight misses?

  • How about a hearty congratulatory slap on the back to Minyan Jon Burke, who squeaked by Minyan Chuck Roberts and Minyan Adam Berman to assume his throne as the 2008 Minyan March Madness Champion?

  • Will the "non-winners," such as myself, who finished in the distant dust at 151, do the right thing (only if they're in a position to do so) and make a donation of their choice to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education?

  • As crude par ($100) held the lower channel on the slippery slope, will Crude $110 (closing basis) and $111.75 (intraday) sport acne of a different sort?

  • Does hummus give anyone else a bellyache?

  • Does a watched pot ever boil?

  • Is S&P 1405ish too easy as a resistance zone of reversal?

  • Can we same the same for Baidu (BIDU) $300 which, if it holds, will pave the way to Baidu $220?

  • Should I turn off Minyanland updates (pop. 52287) until we get to six-figure size?

  • With everyone focused on the financials, has anyone noticed that the airlines are dropping like flies?

  • Just as the trannies threaten (bullish) reverse dandruff and an upside breakout?

  • The International Monetary Fund is forecasting $945 billion in financial losses from the U.S mortgage crisis?

  • Citing a "collective" failure to predict the breadth of the crisis?

  • Does anyone else really believe there aren't more shoes looming?

  • Such as, hmm… the overnight misses in Advanced Micro (AMD) TomTom, Novellus (NVLS) and Alcoa (AA)?

  • How will the market, as a discounting mechanism, react to them?

  • Do you see contrarian investor Eric Sprott is swimming against the tide again with a proposed IPO of Sprott Asset Management right into the teeth of the worst IPO market in a decade?

  • While "bad earnings" were likely baked in near the March lows, what's the margin for error now that the S&P is 10% higher?

  • How many pundits tried to call a tech bottom as we ticked down the slippery slope following NASDAQ 5000?

  • Didn't we finally bottom when people stopped trying to pick one?

  • While the historic Fed intervention may indeed provide a spark in the dark, don't we need to breach the series of lower highs before we give bulls the benefit of the doubt?

  • How are you gonna spend the big bucks when they finally arrived?

  • Did WaMu (WM) the Killer Whale sidestep a harpoon with its weekend deal?

  • Aren't all these deals in the financials the textbook definition of dilutive deflation?

  • What's your market on a major Iran conflict before the November elections?


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