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Answers I Really Wanna Know: The Intervening Fed


Hey, let's try this and see if it sticks?

  • Will the Federal Reserve continue to invent mechanisms of intervention until something finally sticks?

  • With this new "Term Securities Lending Facility" accepting agency and private mortgage debt as collateral, will we again push risk further out on the curve?

  • How can we read the headlines without the word "socialization" repeating over and over and over again in our heads?

  • Isn't it interesting that the dollar isn't lower on this news?

  • Given how the drillers traded yesterday--coupled with the $110 price target that Professor Adam Michael recently shared--is the stealth play, rather than chasing stocks, to short the OSX names into an opening pop?

  • Was yesterday's decision to go home long stocks-the first such time in months-the textbook definition of "better lucky than smart?"

  • If you didn't catch that, why not give the Buzz & Banter a free trial?

  • Are we gonna have to invent a new alphabet for the Fed?

  • What happens to your lap when you stand up?

  • How long will the convention definition of a recession (back-to-back quarters of negative GDP) continue to be respected?

  • I mean, seriously, we never entered a recession at the turn of the century despite an organic two-for-one split in the S&P?

  • Are you watching S&P 1310, DJIA 12000 and BKX 77.80-the January lows-as initial resistance into this rip?

  • If posing a question can supposedly trigger a wave of selling, what does that say about the level of anxiety in the marketplace?

  • If Applied Materials (AMAT) can rally 15% while the NDX is down 20%, how will it act when the tape eventually turns?

  • Can the market bottom with the VXO (volatility index) half way to previous pain fulcrums?

  • What does it say that yesterday's constructive muse on the financials was met with the same scrunched noses as last summer's cautionary column?

  • Was yesterday's relative traction in the consumer non-durables a sign that one of our Ten Themes is ready to scream?

  • Just as Schering Plough (SGP) dips into the teenage wasteland?

  • Wouldn't it be ironic if Eliot Spitzer sparked a trading rally?

  • Will Google (GOOG) again tag $500?

  • Will I still be there when it does?

  • What does it say that the drillers act punk with crude ripping higher?

  • The next time you see a homeless person, why not sport for a meal?

  • Hey, here's an idea! I'll pay you handsomly, get up at 5:30 AM and have you beat a medicine ball against my belly as I do crunches. Deal?
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