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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


How is month-end fear and greed gonna manifest today?

  • Is a gap higher opening what Bonnie Tyler and the bulls wanna see today?

  • How many traders were leaning against the perceived end-of-day supply yesterday?

  • If American Home Mortgage (AHM) needs a "better understanding" of how it will be affected by a weak mortgage market, how prepared can consumers be?

  • How can anyone say that "dividend risk" is the only caveat in the financials regardless of the next few percent?

  • While every journey begins with a single step-and the banks are certainly due for some relief- do you see the eight (count 'em) resistance levels in the BKX?

  • Does UBS spell relief by upgrading the financials on the basis that LBO bridge financing loans account for less that 3% of total bank assets?

  • So it's, uh… contained?

  • But what about the $500 trillion in underlying derivatives that weave the world together?

  • How is month-end fear and greed gonna manifest today?


  • Have you seen the updated levels in the S&P?

  • Isn't S&P 1490, which we should tag on the opening, an intuitive level for Boo to lean against?

  • Are you watching the Dollar-Yen as an asset class "tell"?

  • When will energy leapfrog the financials and reclaim the top weighting in the S&P?

  • Y'all see that upside gap in Sun Microsystems following the ten percent post-earnings pop?

  • Has Francis lost his sense of humor the last few sessions?

  • A'ight, who scooped those 75,000 Bristol Myers (BMY) January 35 calls on yesterday's bell?

  • Does it "matter" that Nazz breadth never confirmed the Monday upside?

  • Did you see that Jeff Immelt scooped 25,000 shares of General Electric (GE)?

  • How did Anne Bancroft vote?

  • Given Professor Jeff Cooper's hot hand, why not revisit For Whom The Bell Tolls and A Pivotal Set-Up Worth Watching?

  • Why is it so easy to lose perspective and forget about the important stuff until we're reminded of the fragility of life?


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