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Answers I Really Wanna Know: What's Crude Trying to Tell Us?


Oil quietly up more than 50% since December 19.

  • Do you see that crude is quietly up more than 50% since December 19th?

  • Even so, is further uptick in geopolitical risk premium currently priced in?

  • Do you remember a few months ago we circled January 20th (the transfer of power) as an important inflection point?

  • While noting the potential for "something serious in the Middle East, most likely involving Israel"?

  • Have you ever wished you were wrong?

  • If wishes were knishes, how much would you weigh?

  • Turnaround Tuesday anyone?

  • What the heck is Frontier Airlines and how do they have a license to fly?

  • Are you letting your opinion get in the way of you making money?

  • If took as long as it did to find its footing, how can you say with a straight face that this will be a garden-variety one-and-done recession?

  • Man, has it really been a month since the Emmy Award Winning Festivus?

  • What's a bigger productivity suck: Facebook or Guitar Hero?

  • Will Colt McCoy be a good pro baller with one more year of college under his belt?

  • Is Television's JeffMacke correct in his view that Dryships (DRYS), Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and MGM Mirage (MGM) are all part of the same "beaten down global growth" trade?

  • If Mr. Practical has been right as rain for as long as I've known him (almost 20 years), what are the implications for the dollar if our government is going the wrong way?

  • How does he know where we're going?

  • Not that Mr. P needs validation but limey, isn't this bloke saying the same thing?

  • And isn't that the definition of Our Wishbone World that we've beaten to death?

  • Can you describe Minyanville in three minutes or less?

  • Does your day at work define your mood at home?

  • How's your Aspen?

  • Is the new crude range $35-$60?

  • Don't you want to make better, more informed financial decisions in 2009? Why not take a FREE trial of our Buzz & Banter for real-time insights?

  • Who knew air hockey was a full contact sport (and I had bloody knuckles to prove it)?

  • What if shuttered doors await on the other side of the Rainbow?

  • Is it me or do politicians continually chase the latest, greatest, breaking story?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if we had some proactive policies in play?

  • Given that I sold my last slug of USO into yesterday's hot popper, will I look back with regret or remember that opportunities are made up easier than losses?

  • Are munis the next hiding spot to be snuffed out?

  • Will someone please remind me to short Apple (AAPL) if it gets back to $115?

  • If sport salaries are a bubble, are the Yankees the Federal Reserve?

  • Should I worry that another user just logged into my Instant Message at home?

  • Or is "adfqeeqrc932df" cat code for "feed me!"?
  • R.P.

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