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Random Thoughts: The Denial-Migration-Panic Continuum


It seems we're in the early innings, possibly the top of the second, of this debate...

  • Pee Pee Eye? Either producers will pass through costs to consumers or swallow hard and choke on margins. Either way, it's tough to paint that as a positive.

  • Alotta folks are asking me about Recession and my response (again) is that for many, we're already in one masked by the lower dollar and economic numbers skewed by the "haves."

  • If we view that debate on the denial-migration-panic continuum, I would have to say we're in the early innings, possibly the top of the second.

  • "There is notable action today in the Russell 2000. This index is showing additional relative weakness versus the S&P 500 today. This has been a good indicator of where the equity market in general is likely to move in the shorter term." Professor Mark Bloudek on today's Buzz.

  • Free will is God's greatest gift.

  • Wow, Countrywide (CFC) is a single digit midget again. I wonder when Hoofy and Boo are gonna weigh in on that fray?

  • Green beans in the red sea? The cyclicals, Microsoft (MSFT), Research in Motion (RIMM), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Cisco (CSCO) and CSX Corp (CSX).

  • The red-headed stepchildren? Red Banks, NJ (BKX-1.5%), homies, semis and biowreck.

  • The best advice I can offer in business? Learn to view obstacles as opportunities.

  • The Following Buzz Took Place Between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM….

    What would Simon LeBon do in a tape like this?

    Please please tell me now, is the writing on the wall? Save a Prayer, it sure looks like Boo is Hungry Like a Wolf, particularly after the Reflex rally got stuffed yesterday.

    Hey, given the Wild Boys at the Federal Reserve, I suppose we can't blame Planet Earth for reacting as if we've passed The Point of No Return.

    Is There Anyone Out There left to buy into the Ben Bernanke's New Religion?

    Careless Memories aside, this tape is Notorious for it's whippy reversals so while our tea leaves portend A View to a Kill, I'm staying light and tight on both sides of my pad.

    Yes, that includes taking my fades (sales) from yesterday's Sound of Thunder.

    Hey, a few more trades like that and I might be able to afford that vacation in Rio with my new camera!

  • What am I doing? I peeled off puts, as I'm a picker, a grinner, a lover and a sinner... but I'm not a glutton, not in this tape. Make 'em to take 'em, I say, and with a respectful nod to the Gods of premature evacuation, I took my trade in HBC.

  • Yo, Gimme some snaps for my petrol! Hey O-Dog, you know what I'm spying? Some potential reverse dandruff on the homies. If the HGX holds 140 (big if, I know), this could trace out another leg higher. I'm hanging with Caine, er, Pulte Homes (PHM) calls for a quick schnitz and a tight bite. If we don't hold these levels, I'm outie. If we do, I'm rolling with my homies. Anyone want a hamburger?

  • I just had a vision. Minyanstock 2008. Can you feel it?


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