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Answers I Really Wanna Know: The Beginning of the End?


Can financials shake this state of shock?

  • Is this the beginning of the end of the trade lower given how verklempt everyone is?

  • Or through the lens of denial-migration-panic, is this simply the beginning of the third phase of our psychology continuum?

  • If the financials don't hold--and soon--won't we have a date with S&P 1050?

  • Speaking of financials, do you see credit default swaps in Washington Mutual (WB) and Wachovia Bank (WM) opening 50 basis points higher while Bank America (BAC), Citigroup (C), Wells Fargo (WFC) and JP Morgan (JPM) are hovering ten basis points higher?

  • Where were all the financial bears last summer?

  • WOW, after the banking index fell 60% in a single year, eighteen of twenty-two analysts have "holds" or "sells" on Wachovia, fifteen of sixteen have a similar stance on Washington Mutual and twenty out of twenty-one are negative on Keycorp (KEY)?

  • Will Dick Fuld take Lehman Brothers (LEH) private?

  • Does it Seem Like Old Times Yet?

  • Market vigilance or the changing face of socialism?

  • Why does "the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" keep popping into my crowded keppe?

  • That John Maynard Keynes was no dope, eh?

  • As I listen to a market pundit tell folks that real estate is never coming back, why am I whispering to myself that in the absence of water, people are so thirsty that they'll drink the sand?

  • They don't drink the sand because they're thirsty-they drink the sand because they don't know the difference?

  • Is the bullish reverse dandruff in Apple (AAPL) "confirmed" with a move through $180?

  • Or will that bearish downside monster gap fill in Google (GOOG)?

  • Long Apple, short Google on a pairs?

  • Geez, wouldn't it have been much easier to Sell in May and Go Away?

  • I mean like 40% easier in the financials?

  • What does it say about the pervasiveness of the invisible hand that so many folks are expecting Hank to save the day?

  • The VXO was up (drum-roll please)... one percent yesterday?

  • Can I share with ye faithful that I bought a small USO October put position and put it away for a rainy day?

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  • Where... the heck... is FRANKLIN RAINES?

  • While a mean-reverting upside trade becomes more probable as a function of time and price, is five years of socioeconomic malaise really that far-fetched?

  • How long did the's--or, the one's that made it--take to recover?

  • How long is it taking real estate to rebound?

  • Wouldn't it be prudent to allow for that scenerio such that anything "better" is an upside surprise?

  • Back to trading--given that its Turnaround Tuesday and we're opening in the abyss, can Bonnie again turn a trick?

  • Are you reading the thoughts of some of the best traders in the business in real-time throughout the trading day on Buzz & Banter?

  • How many newbie fund managers know what the phrase "diaper affect" mean?

  • Do you think Hank Paulson is psyched that he sold all of his Goldman (GS) stock tax-free?

  • Do you think that Alan Greenspan still gets paid to speak?

  • I come home to see Boo flying through the air like Neo? What goes on?!?


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