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Answers: Turnaround Tuesday?


Can the bulls rally the troops as quarter-end looms?

  • No matter how trying the market can be at times, will you please remember that it could be worse.

  • Does one need only to look at the long-term FAS and FAZ charts (both sides of "financials on crack") to "see" how dangerous leveraged ETF's are as investment vehicles?

  • With quarter-end a scant six sessions away, will the fear of missing morph back to the fear of losing?

  • Is Turnaround Tuesday the nuttiest nonsensical phenomenon on Wall Street?

  • With the VXO (fear gauge) up 15% in two sessions, were the rumors of it's death greatly exaggerated?

  • Where are we on this psychological roller coaster, which is an extension of our oft-discussed denial-migration-panic curve?

  • As I officially enter a personal "4-handle" today, am I still allowed to act silly?

  • Or is age a state of mind, as evidenced by Television's JeffMacke©, who kicked it in my office yesterday as we talked tape, life and the benefits of taking the high road?

  • As wandering eyes search for the next shoe, are municipalities nosing in front of commercial real estate?

  • I mean Jeez, have you heard about what's going on in Cali?

  • Oh, Cali?

  • If our ten themes of 2009 play through, won't both eventually percolate?

  • Do you continue to monitor Bank of America (BAC) as the single best intraday tell in the marketplace?

  • You've seen this uber-important trend line in 1).gif">Apple (AAPL)?

  • Will yesterday's relatively dry action in Home Depot (HD), Lowe's (LOW) and Wal-Mart (WMT) "speak volumes" when the tape turns?

  • While the dollar is a "bigger picture lens," has anyone else noticed that the negative correlation day-to-day with asset classes of late?

  • And, consistent with Turnaround Tuesday, it's off 75 bips in early trade?

  • Did you see our FlexFolio is trading in the black while the S&P is -33% since the FlexFolio inception?

  • What did the five fingers say to the face?

  • If you thought people were peeved after the American International Group (AIG) boondoggles, can you imagine the societal acrimony that'll percolate when word spreads of record bonuses at Goldman Sachs (GS)?

  • Not to mention this?

  • Did you see Pepe Depew and I at my 40th Hippiefest?

  • Where do you stand on the five battles that will define this financial war?

  • Have you sniffed at the Huffington Post column on Minyanville?

  • Can please I take a moment to thank my family and friends who made the last 40 years what they were, supporting me along the way and putting up with my considerable "stuff" throughout?


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