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Random Thoughts: Buy the Dips for a Trade?


Bulls watching for market bottoms.

  • John Thain. The Tiki Barber of finance.

  • Hey now, looking at Grandpa Goldman (GS) and Mother Morgan (MS).

  • Yes, I still like the financials for a trade and bought more into this morning's mess. Measured and steady, mind you-emotion is the enemy-and conscious of the many risks we've discussed since I had a full head of hair and weighed less than a deuce.

  • Jay-Z likes Research in Motion (RIMM). How could he not with such a nice, round bottom?

  • "The January 20th transfer of power is an important inflection point, for if we can collectively navigate past that date without geopolitical conflict, stocks have room to run into March or April, when the bloom begins to fade on the new administration's rose." Ten Themes, 2009.

  • The buyers are higher and the sellers are lower.

  • Do you think Ken Lewis (Bank of America (BAC)) and Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan (JPM)) spoke-or, perhaps, someone spoke to the both of them-before they both bought chunks of their own stocks yesterday?

  • Exxon Mobil's (XOM) market capitalization exceeds the entire BKX?

  • Does that jibe, in any way, with our thought offered years ago that energy would overtake the financials as a percentage weighting in the S&P?

  • Yes, S&P 800 "matters" and sure, risk remains to S&P 600. I gotta be honest though, which is all I can ever do. There's a window, perhaps into March, where Hoofy and Stella can get some serious groove on before the bloom fades on the Rose Garden. See both sides but make no mistake, the risk is indeed two-sided.

  • Or, then again, maybe I'm just an addict...

  • The reaction to news is always more important than the news itself. As such, Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC) and Nokia (NOK) are tells du jour for four-letter land.

  • Baidu (BIDU) is clinging on to some green but something doesn't feel right with that stock. Pure eyes and for what it's worth.

  • This "trading transaction tax" continues to be bandied around and while I've got no edge, it certainly wouldn't surprise me. The powers that be would love to call a TIME OUT so the market machination can catch its breath. Active traders, in their eyes, are acceptable casualties of war.

  • Where the heck is Manny Ramirez gonna end up? Please don't tell me the Bronx as my self-loathing Yankee fan status is already redlining.

  • Remember when we warned about the "other side" of ratchet-protection when the banks were raising foreign funds hand over fist?

  • While I lamented on making a slew of sales into yesterday's rip, was that another real-time example of "discipline over conviction?"

  • Why do I now lament not selling more--isn't that a "no win" mindset?

  • And why can't I shake the vibe that they're better buys--not sales--down here, if only for a trade?

  • Did you see the video of my trying to quell the angry mobs on the MarketWatch message boards yesterday?

  • Movie decision of the weekend: Frost Nixon or Biggie?

  • Is anyone even thinking about the wonderful opportunities that will emerge on the other side of The Great Expression?

  • Will I be as early on that as I was on the seeds of discontent?

  • Am I being patient or stubborn in holding my Citigroup (C) and Bank America call options (also known as common stock)?

  • Hey, it's defined risk, right?

  • Y'all see the action in United Healthcare (UNH)?

  • Some levity, perhaps?


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