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Random Thoughts: Did You See Crude?


Oil up, down, all around.


Editor's Note: The following was posted in real time on our premium Buzz & Banter. It's being shared here for the benefit of the Minyanville community. See also Giving Thanks: Gratitude is Latitude and Measuring Up the Pre-Holiday Session.

Answers I Really Wanna Know... - 10:26 am

  • Is this without doubt the single best Thanksgiving movie of all time?

  • Was Research in Motion (RIMM) (+4%)--flattish with the futures off 15 handles--the easy upside trade of the day?

  • Or should I sell the additional exposure I added (on top of my overnight risk) simply for saying that anything is easy in this market?

  • Is the single stray ear hair I found (for the first time) yesterday a tell-tale sign that I'm officially old?

  • Are you respecting the implications of a stronger dollar?

  • Is luxury a four-letter word?

  • Is Citigroup (C) $10 a gimme?

  • What are YOUR thoughts on potential fixes for our economic condition? (Think it through and send it in!)

  • How do I bridle enthusiasm into Tuesday while reminding the critters that winning isn't everything and everything happens for a reason?

  • Will you be keeping close tabs on S&P 840 after I selfishly sneak out the door at high noon to spend some QT at Chez Harrison Baltimore Branch?

  • Is experience God's greatest gift?

  • And understand that the more distance Hoofy can put between him and that level, the higher the odds that performance anxiety will percolate?

  • Is trading one-sided like trying to box with one hand tied behind your back?

  • Don't we all have so very much to be thankful for?

Jeez Louise! - 11:59 am

I'll tell ya, this market moves thisquick. Earlier this morning, after taking a quick peek at my green P&L, I walked into President Fish's office to talk about some last minute Festivus details. Upon returning to my turret, my P&L was suddenly red (crude melted lower on the heels of the inventory numbers).

Cest la vie, I thought to myself, as I continued my incessant correspondence with multiple media outlets and spoke to the finest human capital across the financial continuum. All of a sudden, Minyan Editor Terry "You don't bring me flowers, you don't sing me love songs" Woo yelled out "Yo Toddo, you see crude?"

I peaked up to see it 4% higher and, rather than stop mid-sentence in the middle of an email, I finished, hit send then went to make partial sales in the USO and Weatherford (WFT) I added yesterday. I'm still there, mind you, just somewhat smaller despite the continued vibe that performance anxiety awaits and the buyers are higher. Discipline over conviction indeed, particularly as I'll be on a train.

Along the lines of "hit it, quit it and sit it"--I'm making further sales in my existing positions, including Research in Motion (RIMM) (+6%). IF (when?) they come for 'em, the master beta names (Google (GOOG), RIMM, Apple (AAPL), Baidu (BIDU)) will be "bang for the buck" rally vehicles but that's alright. If nothing else, we know that playing blind man's bluff is a little baby's game and opportunities are made up easier than losses.

I'm off to hear the laughter of little children and eat more than a small farm animal. On behalf on the entire Minyanville community, lemme wish you all good things as we take some time to count our bountiful blessings. Next week is, in some ways, the biggest week in the history of the critters--the Emmy's on Tuesday, Festivus on Thursday--so please channel some positive energy towards Hoofy and Boo as they wanna win this thing on behalf our our entire community.

May peace be with you.


Please be advised that the 2008 Holiday Festivus to benefit the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education has officially SOLD OUT as we tagged our magical 300 Minyan mark. If you (or someone you know) would still like to attend, shoot us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do. We strive to take care of our own in these parts and as always, we'll do our best to circle ye faithful.

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