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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Do or Die Time for the Bulls


Can markets break through oncoming levels of resistance?

  • What makes salmon so wild? Does it require a lampshade or is it more of a general attitude?

  • Is this "do or die" time for the U.S financial markets?

  • Did you see that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the U.K's second-biggest lender, is selling 12 billion pounds ($24 billion) of new shares to investors in Europe's largest rights offering to boost capital depleted by write-downs?

  • What is that, like 6,000,000 tons?

  • How will the Brothers Lehman (LEH) react when they arrive at the big Five-Oh?

  • Have vols dropped to levels where positive gamma positions make alotta sense?

  • Particularly as we toggle around some meaty technical levels en masse?

  • Yesterday was the slowest volume day of the year?

  • As Professor Jeff Cooper asked yesterday, "Is the inflation theme a bubble of its own?"

  • If all roads lead to deflation, wouldn't that make sense?

  • The S&P has rallied 11% in just over a month as crude pushes to fresh highs?

  • Can we all agree that "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation" is the toggle in which we together twist?

  • I mean, let's be serious (serious, I wanna be serious, let's get into serious), since the Fed started easing the discount rate in August, crude is up 68% and the dollar is off 12%?

  • Ergo, should we be careful for what we wish (a greenback rally)?

  • Do you think boars go home and brag to their friends "You should see the pig I hooked up with last night?"

  • Do you see both trendline resistance levels converging at S&P 1405?

  • Do we need to pop (through that zone) before we drop for the path of maximum frustration to kick in?

  • If the VXO can't drink, how long will Hoofy be allowed to drive?

  • What does President Tyler have up her minxy little sleeve today?

  • How does one balance "time is money" with "time is the most precious of all commodities?"

  • Speaking of Rubyisms, has it really been seven years since I said goodbye to my very best friend?

  • Should Chris Paul or Kobe win this year's MVP?

  • How much of the bank spank is already priced in?

  • Did Google (GOOG) reset Apple's (AAPL) earning's bar?

  • When will the China Olympic rally begin?

  • Do you see the looming levels of resistance in the tech sector, one of which is NDX 1925?

  • Where is Brokaw Mountin and do they have barkers with colored balloons?

  • Did Olivia Newton John set an unrealistic bar during the closing scene in Grease, stud?

  • What comes after living a life bookended by bells?


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