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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Has Private Equity Bottomed?


Big names say private sector is lookin' good.

  • Do A.D.D. people make better traders or does trading make people A.D.D.?

  • Do A.D.D. people make better traders or does trading make people A.D.D.?

  • Research in Motion (RIMM), Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) accounted for nearly half of the NASDAQ gains these past ten weeks?

  • How the heck are we supposed to believe anything the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports?

  • Has the Bernanke Swap replaced the Greenspan Put?

  • If things are really getting better, why does the socialization of risk continue to manifest?

  • David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, said in an interview that private equity has bottomed?

  • Isn't that like Willy Wonka saying people will eat more chocolate?

  • Or Al Davis saying the Raiders are the best team in football?

  • If you're an active trader looking for ideas each and every session, why not take a gratis spin of our premium products?

  • While discipline must always trump conviction, did I jump the gun in covering my Apple as it traded towards $180?

  • Or is that simply smart risk rotation in the context of "making it to take it?"

  • How early will I be on my short energy bet?

  • Why did I just imagine Clubber Lang predicting pain when I wrote that?

  • Did you see the downside reversal in the Trannies yesterday after everyone and their sister bought into the breakout to all-time highs?

  • Minyanland 100,000? Pshaw! How bout Minyanland 105,000 a day later?

  • Where does the line of distinction sit between the rationalization of risk and proactive positioning?

  • How would one poach salmon?

  • Did you know that Jim Brown was the most bad ass lacrosse player of all-time?

  • Do you think the Federal Reserve will accept my under water Continental (CAL) calls as collateral for some fresh capital?

  • The best finance based movie of all-time: Trading Places or Wall Street?

  • Do most folks still think that lower crude will be a positive for equities?

  • Shouldn't we remember that the S&P has grabbed green while Texas Tea climbed the slippery slope?

  • How am I supposed to get upset with Phoebe for continually pawing at me when I try to work in my home office?

  • If Microsoft (MSFT) walked (again) and announced a massive share buy-back, wouldn't the stock trade $32-$33?

  • If General Electric (GE) is feeling a slowdown in their and operations, shouldn't we sit up and take notice?

  • President Fish is turning 40 and I knew him since before he started shaving?

  • Did anyone else have a really hard time sleeping last night?

  • What the heck happened to the VXO late yesterday when it all-of-a-sudden 30%?


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