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Random Thoughts: Crude Star of the Show


What's next for oil?

  • The Minyanville Concert Series will swing through MVHQ on today's close for a one time, standing room only pre-Holiday shindig! Newbie Editor Jill (nickname yet to be determined) will join our cast of interns, including Suave, Diggy and M&M, for a racous rendition of the song of their choice. Hey, $20 to the first person who sings some Pat Benatar!

  • The star of this freaky reality show we're watching is clearly crude. Tick for tick, everyone and their sister is on the edge of their seat. To my tired eyes, it still feels like somebody is stuck short (and no, I'm not talking about me!).

  • Remember the dynamic duo? No, not them....Goldman (GS) and Google (GOOG). When they trade in the same direction, it's typically a pretty good tell.

  • Low volume = less liquidity = the propensity for higher volatility. Follow?

  • Note to self: Kickboxing with a torn meniscus is not a good idea. Particularly at 6:30 AM. Especially after a few 'tinis. Hey, President Fish's 40th is coming up. The balance thing, remember?

  • Levels of Lore? Watch S&P 1380 as near-term support and BKX 75 as the single most important level in the world.

  • I had my first case of marble mouth on this morning's Buzz & Banter TV. The words made sense in my head but got garbled by the time they hit my lips. I blame President Fish for this, quite naturally.

  • We've got an old fashioned 'Fest lined up for this evening with Professor Bennet, Minyan Peter, Scotto Reamer and hopefully---quite hopefully--Mr. Practical. Further to that, Bennet will be sitting in the hot seat for a segment of this afternoon's Buzz TV. The topic? Credit markets, natch, and their implications for equities (no worries if you don't get FBN, Mr. Woo will scribe his vibe).

  • Oh, the tape? Forgive me, I've had it UP TO HERE with the tape! After the energy equity enema I suffered this week, I'm not gonna apologize (although I will say "sorry" for any unfortunate visuals). The standout action is the (well deserved) pause in commodities although it still sorta feels like someone is caught short crude.

  • Goldman, Lehman (LEH) and Merrill (MER) also deserve a mention, as does Google, Research in Motion (RIMM) and Baidu (BIDU). If Apple (AAPL) flips the switch, it could be game on for Boo.

  • Last but not least, we're game on for the Seattle Minyanfest on Tuesday at the Revolution Bar & Grill (4:00 PST). I'll be the dude looking everywhere for Meredith Grey!

  • It's hard to believe it's been ten years since Joel passed. Ten years. Where does the time go? As we ready for the Memorial Day holiday, I will kindly ask ye faithful for two things. First, Do Something Joel, which is a random act of kindness. Second, don't drive drunk or let anyone behind the wheel if they've tossed back a few. Someone stole one of the kindest souls I've ever met from this earth before his time. Knowing him as I did, he would want that to serve as a reminder to others not to follow suit.

  • Happy, safe and jazzy holiday stuff to you and yours, Minyans. May peace be with you.



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