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Answers: Pleasure Before Pain?


Will performance anxiety percolate into quarter-end?

  • Will TARP become a revolving credit?

  • Y'all notice the lower dollar this morning and remember what that means through a broader lens?

  • As financials trace out a pennant formation (which typically resolves in the prevailing direction)?

  • Wouldn't it have been nice to noodle that thought near yesterday's lows (as we did in real-time on the Buzz & Banter)?

  • Why don't they put recipes on the back of Ambien prescriptions?

  • Is it too obvious that the heretofore top-tick was at S&P 951?

  • Will the path of maximum frustration include a "false breakout?"

  • Would that "fit" with the percolating performance anxiety into quarter-end?

  • With defined risk, can't you pretty much play seven ways till Sunday?

  • While remembering time and price are the ultimate arbiters of our financial fate?

  • And the next 15 sessions will be have more swings than a key party as money managers chase performance?

  • You know the usual suspects in terms of "bang for the buck" ketchup vehicles. Even still, as a self-proclaimed pundit champions year-to-date gains in Apple (AAPL)(69%), Amazon (AMZN) (69%), Research in Motion (RIMM) (100%), Google (GOOG) (45%) and Baidu (BIDU) (138%) and declares a new "super bull market," can we help but think we've seen this movie before?

  • Can we point that out while remaining on the high road?

  • Why could duff around until I actually went to golf school?

  • Did Tommy Shaw and Styx ever get the snaps they deserved?

  • Have you noticed that trading "not to lose" is the quickest way to do just that?

  • Do you think Miracle Max ever had a problem getting into a Grateful Dead show?

  • Who will be the 500,000th Mini-Minyan to step into the world of Minyanland?

  • Does slapping a 25% probability on "the other side of the wishbone world" dictate being 25% invested?

  • Can a self-loathing Yankee fan quietly smile?

  • Will Chrysler be The Declaration of Interdependence to bear?

  • What have we learned?


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