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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Did Stimulus Spark the Rally?


Stocks pushed higher yesterday, but who knows why...

  • What's up with this one syllable temperature?

  • What does it say that big beta-from Apple (AAPL) to Google (GOOG) to Amazon (AMZN) to Baidu (BIDU)-is marginally higher in the face of jiggy futures?

  • Other than the fact that I might take my Apple trade on the opening?

  • Who makes the decision whether someone is important enough to be considered an assassination versus mere murder?

  • Does anyone really think that yesterday's rally had anything to do with the signing of the stimulus package?

  • Warren Buffett is a huge philanthropist but do you really think his bid for the municipal liabilities of MBIA (MBI), Ambac (ABK) and FGIC are motivated by good will?

  • Or is he trying to buy the "good" assets on the cheap as a function of liquidity needs?

  • Will that "matter" through the lens of perception?

  • Is defined risk and the 50% retracement reason enough for my Blackstone schnitzel (BX)?

  • Are you grateful for what you've got or bummed about what got away?

  • What disease did cured ham actually have?

  • Do you see ING (ING) down sharply overseas on chatter of a 6-8 billion Euro write-down?

  • QUICK-how many dollars is that?

  • If AIG (AIG) has squirrelly accounting, what lurks beneath less reputable balance sheets?

  • If we re-liquefy, which is to say reflate, aren't we simply pushing out the comeuppance in a cumulative manner?

  • Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

  • Did you know that the $51.5 billion in outflows from U.S. equity funds and ETF's this year more than reversed the entire 2007 inflow of $37.5 billion?

  • Why can't we lose the "S" and grab an "E" after each and every single "B"? (Think about that.)

  • Is this really the 7th calendar year of Minyanville content?

  • Did I mention that President Fish, my best buddy of 20 years and the brains behind the Minyan mission, and I will be on Fox Business today at 10:40 EST to discuss Minyanland?


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