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Randoms: Turnaround Tuesday Strikes Again


The bears put a scare in the bountiful bovine.

  • Turnaround Tuesday. Uncanny, right?

  • LIBOR is falling the fastest since January? Awesome, but does anyone remember what happened to equities in the months following January?

  • Several Minyans have asked that I don't comment on the travails of Jack Bauer as they DVR the show. Fair 'nuff-we aim to please in these parts-I'll simply say that I'm deeply disappointed in a certain someone.

  • The first thing I do when spying action is to pull up a chart for technical context. As I watched the energy patch flip the upside switch, I took a gander at the OSX and discovered a rather pronounced sideways channel.

    Click to enlarge

    After a large decline, this action is typically considered churning (working off the oversold condition as a function of time) rather than basing but either way, keep your eyes peeled on either side of OSX 100-OSX 145 (Mr. Valentine has set the price). A breach, either way, will speak volumes.

  • Given the upside action in Citigroup (C), AIG (AIG) and both Fannie (FNM) and Freddie (FRE), I can't help but wonder if the "de-hypothecation" chatter (government not making its shares available to borrow (short)) is again making the rounds.

  • I carried some Apple (AAPL) puts overnight with an eye towards Turnaround Tuesday. I re-initiated yesterday after getting squeezed out of my previous risk on Thursday, and I've been peeling out of the exposure throughout the session. It's a pure trade and as I abhor blind risk, I plan to keep my exposure tight as I'm traveling to Orlando Thursday.

  • Does the S&P need to retrace to 800 for perfect symmetry on that (bullish) reverse dandruff?

  • Have you checked out Smita's Bull Market Timer? She's one smart cookie and I truly believe this presentation/video of hers can help all types of investors.

  • Have you noticed how easy it is to "Do Something Joel" (a random act of kindness) and put a smile on someone's face?

  • Wouldn't it be fabu if I was still lugging that outsized FAS position that I publicly built in and around $3?

  • Pure impatience or purely a function of opportunity costs being the other side of discipline?

  • WWBD?

  • If papa was a rolling stone, what the heck is Mick Jagger?

  • Given I didn't get the rotation I was looking for in the consumer non-durables, does discipline dictate taking the ten cent loss on the XLP that I added on the opening? (Yep.)

  • When is the last time you smiled so hard that your face hurt?

  • Watching this perhaps?


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