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Terrapin Toddo: Turn the Calendar Around


2007 was a learning experience, as all experiences should be, and one we'll carry forward...


The storyteller makes no choice
Soon you will not hear his voice
His job is to shed light and not to master

(Robert Hunter)

2007. We held it in our hands and shaped it with perception. In the end, it is what it is and it was what it was. A learning experience, as all experiences should be, and one we'll carry forward as we again ready to turn the calendar around.

As today is "officially" my last session of the year, I'm gonna free associate a bit. Shocker, I know, but we'll call it creative license after a long, hard haul. There's a lot to digest and I've got just the gut to do it. So, without further adieu, I offer random thoughts and streams of consciousness:

What was I watching into yesterday's close?

  • This Paul Krugman video, which is somewhat long but generally interesting. You always wanna see all angles of an argument as friction between opinions creates education.

  • Citigroup (C), which began acting heavy right after I closed out my short. $30 remains the level of lore in that regard. And please pass some corks for my forks.

  • The entire financial arena as I wonder if "as goes the piggies, so goes the poke" will kick in. Remember, the calendar is simply our way of measuring time. It has little effect on the continuum of cumulative pressures.

  • The clock, which began moving backwards in front of my very eyes.

  • My list of year-end to do's, which is amazingly shrinking towards manageable proportions just in the nick of time.

  • S&P 1490, which is a confluence of so many levels that it's almost too obvious to use as a technical toggle.

  • Old pictures of Television's JeffMacke®. Hey, what's with the midget?

  • Baidu (BIDU) $400 and Apple (AAPL) $200 as any migration from those strikes could be telling.

  • The VXO, 'cause it's a troubled teen.

  • Minyanland, as it's long overdue and uber-kewl.

  • YOU, Fokker!

Some Answers I Wanna Know this morning…

  • If we sat closer to our screens, would we be able to hear what the tape has to say?

  • Was that noise I just heard the sound of me officially "checking out" for the year?

  • At what point do we buy big pharma as a safety play in the slowing economy?

  • Why does the obvious trade always last a lot longer than one would expect?

  • As volatility is the opposite of liquidity, should we have seen the vol drop coming when central banks opened the hose?

  • Who stops over in Utah in the middle of winter? Honestly??!?

  • Are you spending the holiday season pining over what you don't have or being thankful for what you do?

  • Given the strength in the tape of late, where would be we if the banks actually found a bid?

  • What's the world record for the amount of Planter's nuts consumed in a 24-hour period?

  • Is it possible to hum the theme song from Emergency and Mission Impossible back-to-back?

Further, more topical musings…

  • Rest in peace, Benazir Bhutto. I've got no particular edge with regard to her policies but nobody should go out like that.

  • Does that "matter" to the tape? It introduces further geopolitical uncertainty to a region that is already on edge so yes, at some level, it does.

  • Hey, you know how we always talk about monolithic movements? That crude, gold and equities, for instance, trade inversely to the dollar? Remember? That whole "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation" discussion? It remains very much in play.

  • While Crude $100 "matters," that's more of a drag on the consumer. When crude drops precipitously, equities are entirely more vulnerable to a downside shocker.

  • "One thing I will say, the fire swamp certainly does keep you on your toes." The Dread Pirate Roberts.


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