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Answers: Is Twitter Worth 700 Million Dollars?


Apple eyes the latest social networking craze.

  • The S&P is back at the flat-line. Wouldn't it have been easier if we took the first four months of the year off and started today?

  • Why did I think of that this morning after my spin class when I was sweating like a stuck pig and ended up in the exact same spot I started?

  • Why not take a two week free trial to any of our excellent subscription products?

  • Perhaps Steve Jobs should read President Fish's recent take on Twitter?

  • Assuming our 2009 "W" scenario is indeed in play, did you allow for the thrust higher we spoke of last week?

  • Absent further negative news, is S&P 950 an intuitive magnet that would officially suck in those on the sidelines?

  • Or is that what they want us to think with Turnaround Tuesday looming large?

  • Would now be a good time to communicate that I nibbled on some S&P puts and short financial exposure yesterday (adding into the bell) with one eye on today's counter-trend session and the other on a very tight risk leash (in the form of a trailing stop)?

  • Should I allow for that initial pop higher (which typically occurs after out-sized moves) before putting that process in place?

  • You can do anything as long as you're disciplined and the definition of an investment isn't a trade gone awry?

  • Seeing both sides, what if we're not supposed to sell in May and go away this year?

  • Are Amgen (AMGN), Honeywell (HON), Cisco (CSCO) and Microsoft (MSFT) vulnerable to supply given their non-participation in yesterday's demand?

  • Did you see that the S&P put the ratings of 23 financial institutions on negative watch late yesterday?

  • And Bloomberg is reporting that The Federal Reserve plans to deliver results of the stress test to bank executives today and they may show that 10 of the 19 patients preferred Trident sugarless gum for their patients that chew gum?

  • Wait-that was my literary Tourettes. I meant, 10 of the 19 banks may need additional capital to weather a deeper recession?

  • Even if the "solution" is to convert preferred shares to common shares to satisfy requirements, isn't the net result still dilution for common equity holders?

  • Cause for pause or a classic case where the reaction to news being more important than the news itself?

  • For aren't the banks (as measured by the BKX) still down 70% since Minyanville warned of the Fire on the Financial Mountain?

  • Remember the pushback when we posited that the U.S. dollar could lose it's standing as the world reserve currency (both in 2007 and earlier this year)?

  • Should we be shocked to hear that China and Russia continue to explore alternatives that will allow for that precise dynamic to unfold?

  • Do you see the pronounced dollar dandruff setting up in the DXY, where a break below 83 would "confirm" a squirm lower (potentially paving the way for higher asset classes)?

  • Speaking of Blue Steel, how bout some serious snaps for ye faithful-yes, YOU-for raising 30-large in memory of our fallen friend?

  • Isn't it awesome that Nan, Michael (BS Jr.) and Precious Katie can affect positive change in loving memory of Senor Sedacca (with a proud Ruby wink from above)?

  • Jeez, doesn't that sound... uh, old?

  • Flashback to the gym this morning in my post steam deep breath. David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, said in an interview that due to the previously poor deals in private equity, investors were missing out on great deals at the bottom. I'm not smarter than the market so I'll simply ask this: How can anyone state with certainty that we've seen the bottom?


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