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Answers: Are You Drinking the Kool-Aid?


A new bull market or a counter-trend bounce?

  • Societal acrimony. What societal acrimony?

  • In terms of calling bottoms and new bull markets, wouldn't views from the past provide valuable context for the future?

  • Such as, for instance, similar statements in September, November and January?

  • Would now be a good time to draw the distinction between a cyclical bear market rally and a secular shift in the big picture?

  • As per Professor Smita's illustration of the "bull markets" littered between 1929 and 1932?

  • If I told you a few weeks ago that the market would be 22% higher, what would you have offered with regard to your plan of attack?

  • Will quarter-end on Tuesday keep a bid to the tape or intensify the reactive dynamic of buying higher and selling lower?

  • Remember how much pushback there was when we discussed the potential for alternative currencies?

  • Is that view now validated given China is calling for the creation of a new currency to replace the dollar?

  • Does any self-respecting bar patron actually say "Artois" when ordering a Stella?

  • Want a little perspective on the total borrowings of depository institutions from the Federal Reserve?

  • Turnaround Tuesday. Uncanny, eh?

  • Do you have Apple (AAPL) $115 circled as a level of primary resistance (particularly if we get there in a moon shot)?

  • How bout all those downtrend lines in General Electric (GE)?

  • Have you taken your FREE two week trial to the Buzz & Banter for real-time vibes from the smartest cookies I know?

  • While we can-and have-discussed alternative views on the AIG (AIG) bonus "scandal," isn't the more fundamental discussion the notion of contract law?

  • Is that an unintended consequence of moral hazard that Blue Steel and I noodled in 2007?

  • Remember Vail?

  • With regard to the PPIP, haven't we seen this movie before?

  • Won't the level at which these toxic assets trade again be the sticking point.

  • Isn't the net result a transfer of risk and, if it works, wealth from the taxpayer to the new world corporatocracy?

  • While painful, isn't the only true solution a four point plan of debt destruction, saving, productivity and education?

  • Was it wrong to have the waitress give the dinner bill to Michael Sedacca last week? (You should have seen the look on his face)
  • Do you really think we would stick the kid with the tab?

  • Anyone wanna bet a finski that we see a slew of secondary offerings from financial institutions following the seventeen session 73% lift in the BKX?

  • If you had an email alert on Bennet's articles, why not opt in for the same when the boyz from Atlantic Advisors post?

  • Do you see Baidu (BIDU) sneaking green in the face of pink pre-market futures?

  • How do you get upset with a cat that awakes you at 4:30 AM with incessantly loud purring?

  • Did you see Sheila Bear, er, Bair comments yesterday that "some banks may be 'beyond help' by the U.S?"

  • Given the "structural imbalances vs. government intervention" game of chicken we've witness since 2007, is the next test for the bulls an ability to weed out the weak players without triggering a monolithic move in stocks?

  • Would that-along with sector rotation-a necessary step towards a normalized trading process?

  • Or have we passed the point of no return?

  • Is there anything wrong with some Little Wing on our time?

  • Are you being good to others and better to yourself?

  • WWBD?


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