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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Apple Leads as Merrill Lynch Trades Heavy


Will the green Apple color the broader orchard?

  • Will the green Apple (AAPL) color the broader orchard?

  • Or will it follow Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO) and Intel (INTC) as fundamental "sow what?" seeds?

  • Either way, can we agree that fewer horses are leading the market cart?

  • Of the 400 NASDAQ points we're up this year, 206 came from three stocks (Apple 127, Research in Motion (RIMM) 47 and Google 31)?

  • If my waist were as thin as that leadership, would I have to do these Godforsaken 6:00 AM workouts?

  • If energy and metals are secular favorites, when does the short-term noise morph into long-term opportunities?

  • Anyone want to join me in sending Professor Cooper some major white light in Malibu?

  • At least for as long as the dollar stays bid?

  • But the dollar is off 60 bips this morning?

  • Why is it that I never knew how inflexible I was until I started doing yoga?

  • Y'all see how heavy Merrill (MER) traded relative to its peers yesterday?

  • How big will the yet unannounced but seemingly inevitable write-down be?

  • I mean, it's not like the stock is at a massive level or anything, right?

  • Can't we learn a lot just by watching?

  • The Hang Seng was up a 1000 points last night (3.5%)?

  • Does Snoop Dogg use a hose to wash his car?

  • Does the American Express (AXP) earnings signal that the "have's" are still immune?

  • Are you watching Texas Instruments (TXN) through the lens of "reaction to the news is more important than the news itself"?

  • Apple's market cap, at $163 billion, is now larger than IBM (IBM) ($152 bln), Hewlett Packard (HPQ) ($132 bln), EMC (EMC) ($46 bln), Nokia (NOK) ($150 bln), RIMM ($64 bln), Motorola (MOT) ($42 bln), INTC ($153 bln), TXN ($48 bln), Applied Materials (AMAT) ($27 bln), Dell (DELL) ($63 bln), SunMicro (JAVA) ($20.6 bln) and Oracle (ORCL) ($106 bln)?


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