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Afternoon Randoms!


May peace be with you!


  • Chicken!

  • From my favorite point and figurer: " Incredibly, as of 1:46 p.m. no semiconductor buy signals for this group. remains bearish for short-term and very bearish for longer-term as this inability to generate new buy signals reflects a serious lack of participation and demand within the group.

  • PPI ex-food, energy, healthcare, tuition, toothpaste, schnitzel...

  • "Rarely do we see the same indicator throughout sectors respond similarly. On Wednesday, our 21-day stochastic process on the SPX, S&P 1500, Discretionary, Healthcare, Materials, Information Technology, Consumer Staples, Energy, and Financials rolled over simultaneously while in overbought territory." -Jeff Degraaf
  • "The road to success is always under construction" - Arnold Palmer

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) has filled the gap created by the Auggie puke. Same with Nokia (NOK:NYSE)...

  • If you would like to send a gift to all of your friends and family, Minyanville will gladly offer a gratis month on your behalf. Give us a ping and we'll fire it off--and thank you. We rely on ye faithful and appreciate all the help!

  • At a camping area of Baker Lake, WA, Fish and Wildlife agents found a black bear passed out - surrounded by a pile of three dozen empty (clawed and bitten-open) cans of Rainier Beer - a local brand. The bear "definitely had a preference," said an officer, noting that only one can of Busch beer had been drunk, though many unopened ones were nearby. (KING-TV, Seattle)

  • Critter Justice!

  • This weekend don't forget to hoist a BUD in memory to Swine.

  • SOX 370 is a fairly important (down) trendline and the semis reaction to that level will be telling for the tape.

  • Every time I hear that NASDAQ commercial, I think of the critters. "I remember a time when people said 'Financial cartoons? It just doesn't make sense!' Dell, Starbucks, Microsoft, Minyanville--listed on NASDAQ."

  • Just play the song!

  • Be easy on us, Ivan, it's been a tough month.

  • Is that a pledge pin on your uniform?

  • Keep an eye on the sneaky small caps--they are at a SERIOUS level (Russell 565) and will offer (yet another) clue for ye faithful to focus on.

  • Why did the words "fund manager" just flash before my eyes?

  • Hugh Hefner would NOT approve!

  • Treasury Secretary Snow is commenting that China is moving in the "right direction" on floating the Yuan. Says the U.S. will move aggressively on the Chinese yuan peg.

  • You guys see General Electric (GE:NYSE) $33.5 as a level, right?

  • I've still got the heebie jeebie sleep eating thing going but as there's no more chocolate in Chez Harrison, my secret stash of turkey, cheese and cashews bore the grunt of my midnight grunt.

  • Roger Chamberlain, 44, was arrested in Binghamton, NY after having smeared 14 jars of petroleum jelly on nearly every inch of the walls and furniture of a room at Motel 6. Chamberlain was apprehended at another motel -- covered with the substance himself. (Newsday)

  • Crude up 4.5% in front of the inclement weather.

  • I just wanted to take a moment and bask in the game seven glory of last year's ALCS. Ahhh...

  • Thank you Jeff Saut!

  • Tony Dwyer weighs in (on the market, not on the scale): SPX up against downtrend resistance while reaching into extreme overbought territory, suggesting a possible pause in the upside action.

  • Fare ye well into the bell and GO HAVE SOME FUN TONIGHT--YOU DESERVE IT!

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