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Random Thoughts


The only thing to fear is no fear itself!


  • I would like to officially welcome John Brooks to the Minyanville family. John is a Senior Vice President and Senior Analyst for Lowry's Reports, Inc. and will be posting his first column later today. Please help me in making him feel right at home!

  • New ranges to monitor include NDX 1355-1390 and S&P 1018-1032.

  • Sisyphus Boo!

  • A laser pointer is without question the single best cat toy ever made.

  • Have you downloaded your Minyanville icon yet?

  • I've had discussions with a LOT of market players in an attempt to wrap my arms around conventional wisdom. While a pullback certainly wouldn't shock anybody, there is almost a universal belief that any weakness will be temporary.

  • Rest in peace Warren Zevon.

  • Breadth remains problematic but the downside remains sticky.

  • $87,000,000,000 here, $87,000,000,000 there...

  • Sean Michael Mueller, Bronco fan extraordinaire, is currently high bid to star in the animated Minyanville trailer. If he wins, I guess we'll have to revoke our "no Bronco fans allowed" rule at the Critters Choice Awards! The net proceeds from this auction will go to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education and the broad base of children's educational programs it supports such as, The East Harlem Tutorial Program , the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project (H.E.L.P) , Reading Rainbow , The National Mentoring Partnership and Little Kids Rock.

  • The dollar is slipping to the worst levels of the day.

  • Setting tight stops on day trading risk removes emotion (and defines your risk profile).

  • It's hard to believe that Thursday is two years. In some ways, it feels like another lifetime. In others, it seems like yesterday.

  • The action in Morgan Stanley (MWD:NYSE) and Lehman Brothers (LEH:NYSE) stands out. Boo will be hard pressed to impress without getting to the brokers.

  • Beeks will pick up the pace Thursday with initial jobless claims (exp. 400k) and continuing claims (exp. 3650k) and Friday with the Pee Pee Eye (exp. .3, .1%), advanced retail sales (exp. 1.5%, less autos .8%), and the Wolverine confidence number (exp. 90.3).

  • Neil Glassman is stopping by for a midday proteinfest. Hey Joanne, when is the last time he bought you lunch?

  • Performance anxiety is powerful. Proof positive? Look how the biotechs and semis led us out of this morning's dearth. They're the highest "beta" stocks and portfolio managers are looking for the most bang for each buck.

  • There's not a day that goes by that I don't talk to my grandfather.

  • Until breached, S&P 1015-1020 will be a backstop for the bulls.

  • Hey Kirky.

  • It's been a long time since there was any real fear in the market. How long? When's the last time you heard the words "duct tape."

  • Revenge of the herds! For three years, fading the Fed coined money. Now, they're back with a vengeance.

  • Europe is trading down about 1% across the board. Nothing crazy.

  • Minyan poll: What was the best gangster movie of all time? Send your response to and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse!
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