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Random Thoughts


Don't let the man hold you down, Toddo!

  • Orange Whip?

  • Pepe and I were musing this morning about the metals in general and silver in particular. We're both wonderin' if we're being penny wise and sterling foolish (on building exposure in that complex)

  • N's over S's into quarter end? It's startin' to feel that way.

  • Hungry?

  • Please help us help those less fortunate by contributing to the Ruby Peck Foundation. 100% of the September proceeds will flow directly to Hurricane Katrina victims. We're "almost" half way to our $100,000 target and I have faith that we'll get there. Together.

  • Thanks for the memories, Gilligan.

  • The Wall Street Journal's Ahead of the Tape column this morning takes a look at why it is that investors seem unworried about virtually anything that comes along. The article quotes John Bollinger of Bollinger Capital Management, who suggests that investors, having seen the tax relief and interest-rate cuts that were put in place after the Sept. 11 attacks, are behaving as though the government has set up a crash-protection committee for them. "I think that has something to do with the kind of complacency we have in the market today," says Mr. Bollinger in the WSJ.

  • Spitzing in the wind?

  • The banks (under BKX 100) and the brokers (over XBD 173) remain an uber-focus.

  • Most people who read the word "yawning" will yawn.

  • Not a day passes without an editorial discussion regarding how we can improve the Minyanville content proposition.

  • National Semi (NSM) will report Q1 earnings around 12:15pmET today with analysts expecting EPS of $0.21 on revs of $464.9 mln.

  • Gold again has a firm tone as we edge through the Thursday follies. The yellow metal is up $2 and eyeing fresh '05 highs. As discussed in my Ojai vibe, I sense that the Clampetts are gonna toss the leadership baton back and forth with Catherine Martin (she's precious, get it?).

  • Congrats to Minyan Bill Schaefer on his recent nuptials!

  • Critter Caravan?

  • Europe is trading a bit laggy as my peeps across the pond inform me that alotta longs are playin' the upside.

  • Hovnanian (-7%) and Sears (-5%) are cooling some of the mo'mo mojo.

  • It puts the lotion on the skin!!!

  • Hey Daisy-this is how rumors get started!

  • While the three sisters are huggin' the '05 flat line, the BBH is up 30% and the OIH is up 40%. Make hay when the sun shines, Minyans, as it's hard to forecast when showers will arrive.

  • The semis are trying to put on a brave face in front of tonight's Texas (and Intel) mid-quarter two-step.

  • In what promises to be a joyous experience, I'm heading down to City Hall this afternoon to fight a tri-fecta ticketing experience I recently endured. I sure hope that Harry Stone is on the bench!

  • Please take a peek at Pepe's take on S&P 1250. It's fantastic perspective.

  • "As Toddo mentioned, the SOX is strutting today, and will reverse up on a 5x3 PnF chart with a move above 475. Resistance is 485, the August high. See the components of the SOX and the weightings here from the PHLX. For the sake of context, nearly 75% of the index components are on PnF buy signals, but less than 25% are outperforming the broad market on a long-term basis." -- Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.

  • True grit, Mr. Agassi, and heckuva run Mr. Blake.

  • This afternoon, from 4:30pm to 5:30pm EST, Hamzei Analytics Chatroom will host a chat with the venerable Jon "Doctor J" Najarian. His eyes have been acute of late and the critters are jacked for the chance to banter with him directly. To register for this chat and hear what the good doctor has to say, please click here!

  • Dug out by popular request: The set-list for Bobby Weir's Ratdog, Summerstage, Central Park, 9/1/2005: The Music Never Stopped > New Minglewood Blues> She Says> Help on the Way> Slipknot!> Me and My Uncle> Corrina> Revolution> Saint Stephen> William Tell Bridge> The Eleven> Jam> Standing on the Moon> Two Djinn> Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower.

  • NYSE internals smell a tad fugly to start the session (2:1 negative).

  • Is Google (GOOG) the performance anxiety proxy into quarter-end?

  • Boo has a true dilemma and it has nothing to do with the tape. Does he join Winnie, Sloan and Lionel at the US Open or watch his beloved Raiders kick off the NFL season?

  • I can "see" both sides (long squeeze into quarter-end and a giddy failure below BKX 100 and/or S&P 1250). How am I positioned? With discipline. Lotsa discipline.

  • Good luck, Minyans, and hit 'em where they aint!

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