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Hunger Pains!


May peace be with you!


I had a spiffy afternoon missive set to roll but my systems have more issues than my former therapist. As such, please allow me to offer some of the points (I remember) in Random Thoughts format.

  • Is this what they mean by a higher court?

  • Citi (C:NYSE) and the banks (not to be confused with Bennie and the Jets) are ticklin' session lows.

  • The NDX trendline (from the Auggie lows) was breached (1378ish). The old school equilivant comes into play around S&P 1110 (which is also where the 200-day lives).

  • Hey students! Wanna get on the critter express and participate in our internship program? Contact us for more details and get ready to learn more than you bargained for!

  • I spent much of the weekend discussing glitter glue with my (second grade teacher) girlfriend and sister-in-law Faith. My gawd---what a difference three years makes--I've now become "that guy."

  • Congratulations to Greg Collins on his promotion to Managing Director.

  • Too many hopers into Texan (TXN:NYSE)? Quite possibly. The SOX just trickles to fresh '04 lows.

  • Gold is grasping at $400 like Wiley Coyote to a branch.

  • The cyclicals have thus far failed at the top of their eight month range.

  • Wasabi Jonathan Krim!

  • Be wary of the obvious trade.

  • One day, the "real estate" portion of K-Mart (KMRT:NASD) will come home to roost.

  • Fixed income has no quit in it.

  • Radicals are dangerous regardless of their platform.

  • Do you see what I see? (Hint: look out the window of the third picture).

  • The PPI will be released on Friday and normally I would get excited about that. But I've lost faith in the credibility of these numbers (always honest) and just don't "get" what the BLS is doin' down there.

  • My goal is that the staffers in the gym don't act so surprised when they see me again.

  • Snaps to Collins.

  • My email--among most other things--is shot. If you sent a message and I didn't respond, chances are my dog (systems) ate the homework.

  • Fare ye well into the bell and have a peaceful night.


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