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Random Thoughts


I think we've seen the highs for the session.


  • If you haven't read Collin's rendition of Monarch Pass, you gotta get involved!

  • I'm hearing that the hedge fund community is rotating their short-side focus from the semis to software.

  • Minyan John Roque--the uber-talented technician from Natexis Bliechroeder--noted in his recent missive that Citigroup (C:NYSE) finds resistance around $47.5.

  • I picked a heckuva day to venture out sans umbrella. Despite my (Vermont edition) rain hat and a "water resistant" jacket, I'm soaked through to my skivvies. I know it's a bad visual but it's an even worse feeling!

  • Ownership Society? Only if you own a credit card...

  • Net names, media issues, storage and select telecom trades dry, thus far, as money rotates out of the consumers, financials and software.

  • I'll put this out there and I hope I'm wrong. If Dubya stays put--as I sense he will--we'll see the draft reinstated by the end of the next term.

  • I'll never eat bacon the same way again!

  • Syracuse football is off to a strong start with their 51-0 loss to Purdue. Purdue? Somebody call Jim Brown!

  • Silver $6.50 will serve as initial resistance (from where it broke).

  • Elmer hits the tape and assures us that the economic "expansion has regained some traction." He attributed the soft patch to the previous rise in energy prices, opined that business investment is on a solid upward trend and payroll gains 'picked back up in August.' He allowed that the oil supply/demand equation will "remain precarious" and the long-term budget prospects are "troubling." He also warned against "complacency" on the fiscal outlook and says the budget may deteriorate if policies don't change.

  • The dollar drippage is picking up steam and is now almost a percent off session highs.

  • Why do small people always win eating contests?

  • Russia, which has stealthily dominated the headlines for the last month, should remain on your radar. Something tells me they're gonna be influential on a number of financial fronts.

  • The Donald may put the Trump thump on the tape.

  • "It" happens.

  • "If the nation makes the wrong choice on election day, it faces the threat of another terrorist attack." --Dick Cheney

  • I still believe that once the electoral clarity (bullish) phase abates, focus will shift to the tepid fundies and the structural issues. I don't, however, have a strong sense on when that will happen.

  • Gold is back at $400 after holding above the uptrend line (from the May lows).

  • Keep an eye on the drillers as they flirt with a breakout (but note the toppy stochastics).

  • Most things worth attaining take much more time, effort and energy than initially expected.

  • Sante Fe Minyans, please give me a ping!

  • We're working on building out the Minyan network such that ye faithful can interact with each other. It's...awesome.

  • If you work at a large firm and would like to offer them a gratis Minyanville trial subscription on your behalf, let us know and we'll make you look good!

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