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The Weight Debate


Someone check a borrow on Hershey!


"Can I get you anything? Juice? Coffee? Rack of lamb?"

-Dean Richmond, Nutty Professor

At first I was going to call the cops. I mean, when someone breaks into your home, steals all of your clothes and replaces them with the exact same wardrobe one size too small...well, it's very frustrating. Rather than pursue litigation, however, I've decided to take another tact.

We're gonna launch our second annual Minyanville weigh-off and put our money where our mouth used to be. The rules are simple: Whoever loses the most weight on a percentage basis by October 20th wins bragging rights and the critters utmost respect. Losers--or those who aren't losers--will donate $100 to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

The following Minyans have "scaled into" the bet and will participate in the six week wager:

Name Starting Weight

Toddo 225 lbs.
Collins 207 lbs.
Bill Meehan 215 lbs.
Neil Glassman 221 lbs. (sans cane)
Rob Fraim 250 lbs.
Scott Littman 276 lbs.
David Miller 172 lbs.
Jeff Kriese 212 lbs.
Dan Meehan 207 lbs.
James Karn 174 lbs.
Ulric Taylor 225 lbs.
Marc O'Brien 252 lbs.
"Okraboy" 193 lbs.
James Wilkes 225 lbs.
Adam Melinger 167 lbs.
Barry Vaniel 210 lbs.
Rick Staton 215 lbs.
Alex Wang 155 lbs.
"Swimfan" 132 lbs.
George Hill 223 lbs.
Allan Millstein
172 lbs.
Richard Schroeder 288 lbs.
"Tux Cat" 214 lbs.
Chris Coyle 305 lbs.
Kevin Wassong 221 lbs.
Jack Tarver 223 lbs.

You're welcome to play along at home (healthy bodies lead to healthy minds) and shed that unwanted lead. It should also be noted that Minyan Todd Hibbert has offered to donate $100 to the kids for every percent that I lose. Be forewarned, Todd, that I'm not messin' around--I've got the South Beach Diet book in my left hand and my (dusted off) gym membership in the right. And above all, I've gotta beat Collins lest I hear about it for the rest of my natural life!

Good luck all!


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