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Random Thoughts


What am I, part of the "pay no mind" club?


  • How come there are piggy backs and pork bellies?

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S pension system is pretty banged up. That's not an immediate concern but it's certainly a piece of the big picture bear puzzle.

  • The dollar index (DXY) just broke its trendline (from the June lows).

  • There is some serious road kill in the semis.

  • If you've been bullish and bearish multiple times in the same breath, take a three day weekend and think about it.

  • The Minyans have spoken and the results of our football poll are in. Donovan McNabb scrambled from behind to win the contest while Michael Vick finished a close second. Daunte Culpepper and Peyton Manning tied for third down. Peyton?

  • Happy birthday Vanessa Ohayon!

  • The definition of a time horizon is an essential element of successful trading. If you're an active Minyan, don't let the definition of an investment be a trade that went against you.

  • Could we be in the early stages of a new bull market? Absolutely...and the Texans could win the Super Bowl.

  • Are you overtrading?

  • The drugs are starting to perk up. You've heard of N's over S's? Get ready for consumers over cyclicals.

  • The American Banker reports that "Sources said that Mr. Snow could also suggest that there be a moratorium on new capital standards for Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) and Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE) for the next five years. But that too was not entirely certain, and could be changed before his testimony. Sources said that a moratorium might be enacted because Treasury and the White House do not want to upset capital markets, which are paying close attention to the GSE regulatory debate and are concerned about drastic changes to Fannie and Freddie's supervision." Does anybody else find this extremely unnerving?

  • Raider Nation!

  • Yes, I eat steak and I've got a snazzy leather coat tucked away in one of my closets. So, in absolute terms, I'm a hunting hypocrite. Lemme qualify--I understand there is a food chain and a progressive pecking order. I don't, however, see the sport in hunting for trophy game. I live in a city of critters...are you really that surprised?

  • Count me among the commodity market bulls.

  • Retail continues to trade sluggish.

  • Why is it a "pep" talk?

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) just turned red. Watch this name as a tech tell (20 is support). I am keying on this name and have adopted a shorter (market) bias as a result (tight stops).

  • When the wolf finally shows up, who's gonna believe the bear?

  • Are you ready to get animated? You can star in the first ever Minyanville animated trailer that will premiere at the Critters Choice Awards in New York City! The winner of next week's auction will receive two VIP tickets to the November 12 event and be featured on the big screen with your favorite critters. The best part? Net proceeds will benefit the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. You'll be a star in many ways!

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