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There should be some turtles hangin' around S&P 1015, if and when.


  • On the ten day S&P chart, the (steep) trendline will be broken on the opening. S&P 1015 remains the inflection point (breakout support).

  • For those who are wave theorists, I'm hearing that S&P 1033-1038 is a major topping level (as long as we stay below).

  • Watch the financials for leadership (BKX 850 and Citigroup (C:NYSE) 42.5 are THE levels).

  • The inability of the semis to rally above SOX 460 (on good news) would be telling.

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) 20 is now support.

  • They "should" try to fade (read: buy) them near the opening but I wanna trade 'em from the short side with a tight upside stop.

  • I'm warming up to that cyclicals-->consumers rotation trade.

  • Remove emotion.

  • Breadth remains an uber-important tell.

  • If you want to make hunting a fair sport, either give the animals a gun or hunt with your hands.

  • Good luck.
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position in spx, c
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