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Random Thoughts


Watch that dollar!


  • If money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have branches?

  • The SEC is investigating possible fraud at Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE). I'm not sure if it's a shocker, but it's further smoke in an already smoky room.

  • Just as I penned the last column regarding possible snappage in the dollar, it started to rip higher. It smells like an intervention.

  • Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours?

  • As it stands, the breadth doesn't portend a Snapper cameo (it's still 2:1 negative). However, I would keep a close eye on the greenback (regardless of its "motivation") A reversal (up on the day) has the potential to shift sentiment (especially into quarter end).

  • Biotechs trade quite dry.

  • Why are you "in" a movie but "on" TV?

  • Tomorrow Beeks peek: construction spending (exp. .4%), ISM manufacturing (exp. 55, prices paid 55).

  • VXO 25ish (old VIX) is an area where the volatility index has failed since first settling into this range (in May). We're getting pretty close to that area--if we pop through, the potential for a more serious correction would increase.

  • The Raiders are slinking along by with canes and crutches...but it's not over yet.

  • How 'bout those Fokker Chronicles, eh?

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) 20 "should" be/have been support. It's where the networking giant broke out from.

  • How many fresh shorts entered the market this morning?

  • How many traders are "trapped" long waiting for a rally to sell into?

  • How many roads can a man walk down before you call him a man?

  • Phoebe and Zoë did not appreciate this morning's analogy.

  • Emma, Rebecca.....or Amanda?!?

  • Markets that are down (up) all day typically close on their lows (highs). With that said, it's quarter-end and there are agendas galore. Factor that in the decision making process at some level.

  • The NDX is hugging the 50-day moving average and setting the techs up for some end of day volatility (bounce or break).

  • I like Mr. Practical.

  • Why do doctors leave the room when you change?

  • We're getting close to today's rubber meeting the road. If the Minx holds these levels for much longer, the newbie shorts will likely get nervous.

  • The German DAX is down almost 3% and the rest of Europe is down between 1-2%. Somebody call Lord Tush!

  • Mel Brooks or John Hughes?

  • Big things are afoot in the city of critters--please stay tuned for updated announcements!
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