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Random Thoughts




  • Who really gets blue in the face?

  • Gold (and gold stocks) act remarkably well given the equity traction.

  • I've got buddies who work at retail shops telling me that they're seeing anxious buyers.

  • Beeks swings by tomorrow with the Nonfarm Productivity (exp. 6.4%), Initial Jobless Claims (exp. 393k), Factory Orders (exp. .8%) and the I to the ISM Non-Manufacturing (exp. 62.5).

  • Minyanville trivia: What did Christie Brinkley's license plate say in National Lampoon's Vacation? The first correct answer sent to wins a spankin' brand new Minyanville tee!

  • Attention please: From this moment on, Darol Ryan's Delta Tau Chi pledge name is Pee Wee (think Porky's).

  • We're seeing massive call buyers across the board in tech. Keep an eye on that put/call ratio please (very low).

  • There are times I see things (and people) on the tube and I have to bite my...fingers (not write about it).

  • Who isn't a dip buyer right now?

  • I'm hearing that this asteroid contains SARS and was the cause of the blackout.

  • The rotation out of semis and banks continues. These are usually a pretty good duopoly to follow. Balance that against the minty breadth (been the best tell) and the traction in General Electric (GE:NYSE), Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) and Cisco (CSCO:NASD).

  • There are fewer reasons to be short today vs. yesterday (as a function of the acne) Ironically, that increases the risk on the long side (after the shorts cover).

  • Welcome Rice University Minyans!

  • The Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) short squeeze is vicious. If ya hated it at 60...

  • True story: Boo just got a spam email for generic Xanax.

  • What, you mean mutual funds mark up?

  • Pepe Depew is jammin'.

  • R.P

  • After a serious smack down, the drug index (DRG) is retesting the 200-day moving average (on the upside).

  • Admit were wondering where Random Thoughts were.

  • Our country has a serious budget (and attention) deficit issues.

  • A good trader knows how to make money. A great trader knows how to take a loss.

  • Bear markets operate in vicious cycles. Wipe out the bulls, wipe out the bears, wipe out the bulls, wipe out the bears...

  • Active traders have set "sell stops" below S&P 1020.

  • The Raiders got a tough draw out of the gate. The Titans are a strong team.

  • If you're in a funk, take a step back and watch.

  • Objective analysis dictates shifting the technical metric from "negative" to "positive." That doesn't mean they can't go down, it's just what is.

  • Don't focus on what you don't have, be happy for what you've got.

  • The stock market is the single biggest thermometer of American psychology, a fact not lost on our administration (heading into an election year).

  • There are trades for the day, trades for a catalyst and trades for a thesis. Define your motivation before you assume risk.

  • "Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips."
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