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Random Thoughts


Europe is getting smoked!


  • Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

  • Flow's Diner: Saw big to buy on the opening, size for sale mid-morning and then seven figures QQQ to buy (on the heels of the "sell stops"). Now, as we trade higher, the put sellers are kickin' out their protection/downside "specs" en masse (20,000 here, 10,000 there...).

  • If you haven't read Professor Succo's piece this morning, "A History of Hedge Funds," you're missing an awesome tutorial.

  • Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) still trades like an insider window is open.

  • How many secular bull markets have been accompanied by surging gold prices?

  • After last week's drubbing, the tape was quite oversold (in the short-term). That, coupled with reactive traders and pressy shorts, is the reason for today's Snapper. Do I think that the downside is over and done with? No--the only issue is timing.

  • What did cured ham actually have?

  • Breadth is markedly better in the S's (vs. N's).

  • Are you bullish...I mean bearish...I mean bullish...I mean bearish? Take a deep breath and step back, please. It's called trading, not guessing.

  • A Yankees/Cubs World Series would be awesome.

  • NDX 1330 (September triple bottom) should provide some resistance.

  • As Hoofy stated this morning, last week's pullback tested the NDX 50-day and S&P congestion area. It made sense for the bulls to try and make a stand there (particularly after the downside probe). As of now, however, the much ballyhooed S&P summer breakout was false acne (below 1015).

  • "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney (1901-1966)

  • Does the Patriot Act affect the separation of powers?

  • When's the last time you went to see live music?

  • Beeks will swing by tomorrow with the consumer confidence (exp. 80.5) and the Chicago PMI (exp. 57).

  • The goal, when trading, is to use prices to your advantage.

  • Why does something pay off in spades? Wouldn't diamonds be better?

  • The dollar index (93.44) is quickly approaching this year's closing low (93ish).

  • Despite the green screens, Europe continues to trade on its heels (down on the day).

  • If we put our two cents in and get a penny for our thoughts, who captures the spread?
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