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Random Thoughts


Where did my mojo gojo?

  • Has anyone seen Peter Boyle and John Snow in the same room at the same time?

  • Oil Shockwave

  • I always knew tshirts were the root of the problems

  • We touched on the brokers and have kept 'em on our radar since they exhibited signs of acne (XBD 173). The action in Duke & Duke is markedly different than the lethargy in the money center space (the BKX continue to dribble near the August lows). The outcome of this wishbone will likely pave the way for the broader fray.

  • More like DJ Creepy.

  • Australian Warnings

  • Tree hugger? I once used the analogy (much to the chagrin of some Minyans) that trophy hunting would be a lot fairer if you gave the deer a glock. I was (sorta) joking but we may not be far off...

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    "Wassup Toddo---while not looking for advice, I am curious what stocks you would buy or sell to establish positions in gold without trading futures or options on futures. How've you been? I read all about MIM2 and I wish I was there--it seems like it rocked! Be good, Minyan Mike"


    One of the reasons we don't "do" advice on the 'Ville is that it's impossible to aptly answer these types of questions without knowing the particular time horizon and risk appetite of the audience. That's why our mission is to share the process rather than dictate it.

    With that said, I'll offer that Laurie is the resident professor on the yellow stuff and prolly knows better proxies. The best of breed is obviously Newmont Mining (NEM) and is the poster child of gold equities.

    I opined last year that Newmont, along with the thriller of the drillas Schlumberger (SLB), could be the bellweathers of tomorrow. I still believe that, although it would be wise to view the dew with some context. Both are up over 30% since May.

  • No sushi for you!

  • Did you read the Iron Horse's ponderosa on the new credit cycle?

  • Critters gone wild

  • "The markets churned Tuesday as volume increased but little price progress was apparent in the broader averages. The pull-back in Gold has ushered in a new breakdown for the Yen and Euro, and though the weakness in Gold looks more corrective than severe, the break in the currencies (i.e. dollar strength) looks potentially durable, and thus lies the inconsistency in rationale as dollar and gold strength are rare occurrences for any duration." -- Lehman sage Jeff DeGraaf

  • Peter Bernstein on the Greenspan Put

  • Meanwhile, Pepe Depew from yesterday afternoon's Buzz on the Greenspan gloss.

  • Hedge Fund Borrowing

  • Huffing at car dealerships might reach all-time highs now

  • Who will be the lucky owner of the 1865 Italian "T" Lire Gold Coin Vittorio Emanuele II while helping our relief effort and being the guest of honor at an Uber-Succofest? Only 3 more days of bidding!

  • Gold Fever New Zealand style

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