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Random Thoughts Through the Confetti


Don't, don't, don't, don't--don't believe the hype.

  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We're planning to hold our first MIM-CCA on Friday, December 1st in NYC. Minyans in Manhattan will feature an afternoon of Buzz & Banter, moderated by Minyan Michael Santoli, and featuring Jeff Saut, Steve Galbraith, Steve Shobin, Greg Weldon, Stephanie Pomboy, Bennet Sedacca, John Succo , Scott Reamer and your's truly as we cast an eye towards 2007:The Year Ahead. That evening, we'll be honoring Trent Tucker, formerly of the NY Knicks, with the first annual "Ruby" at the Critters Choice Awards. Details to follow so please, Minyans, save the date--it's for the kids!

  • There's really nothing to worry about Mary. Statistically, they say you're more likely to get killed on the way to the airport! Thanks Lloyd, that's just the type of reality check we need as we ready for the inevitable confetti ready to fall on the Street. Minyans know my take on our current juncture---we could break-out, it should be fleeting--and I'm playing 'em paired, for the time being, with a long bias in energy and metals, a short bias in financials and a whole sluggo gamma with vols so cheap.

  • I am, so you know, looking to make sales in either my long calls or stock (against the calls) into the rally.

  • The ONE answer I really wanna know is whether all this hoopla self-fulfills into quarter-end or whether it's gonna create a very nosty bottleneck when it doesn't stick.

  • This is required reading for anyone who's blindly betting on a break-out.

  • Bacon with pimples (piggies with acne, banks breaking out, BKX through with me) would be mighty helpful for the Matador Crowd.

  • Anecdotal? Perhaps, but the media trollops I know--and you know who you are--are on "HIGH ALERT" for prime time television exposure when the DJIA hits new highs.

  • Hey, as I've said, I've gotta lot to gain from a broad based economic expansion and I'll welcome it with open arms. But that doesn't mean I "trust" it, as there are alotta toxic ingredients in this bubbling brew.

  • Is the "easy trade" selling that all-time high tick in the DJIA for a quick schnitz?

  • Now here's what I want you all to do for me. Don't, don't, don't, don't--don't believe the hype.

  • Where the heck is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him most?

  • Next up? The Minyan MMOG!

  • Keep an eye on Yahoo! as it continues to tickle multi-year support.

  • Just because it's in the papers doesn't make it true BUT if it is, it's an awfully sad story on the state of TO.

  • Note the metal equities as they banged their head right at initial resistance. Newmont (-4%) is the toe stub most responsible for the limp.

  • Allow myself to introduce...myself. Dr. Marc Faber, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a few libations last year, talks about the other side of his trade. This was chewed through last week on the 'Ville but it's food for thought for Minyans who missed it.

  • Man, I haven't seen a double drop kick like this since Bob Backlund wore the crown.

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey finds no change from last week as bullish sentiment remained flat at 47.4% this week while bearish sentiment was also flat at 33.7%.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag

    Toddo- I think that you are too rough on yourself! Isn't it possible that you love your work and that you find more enjoyment working than doing most other things? Is that such a bad thing? I think "living to work" is OK if one finds a passion and a career that is good for the soul. It is those who are slaves to the almighty dollar and work for greed, envy, etc. that may be filling their soul with material things - it sounds like you may have been there prior to Minyanville.

    However, from what I have seen/read you simply appear to me to be someone who loves what they do and enjoys who you are doing it with. Stop beating yourself up so much and embrace the fact that you are one of the very fortunate few who is excited about going to work when they get up most mornings! Spending one's life doing what they love surrounded by people they love is exactly what I would call working to live. Regards, Minyan James.

    Thank you MJ--I think, to a degree, you're right, as long as our passion doesn't become our plight. It's a fine line--this balance thing--and one that I've yet to truly master. I've long said that doing what you love, with people you respect while serving the greater good is the definition of professional nirvana. And for that, I consider myself blessed, particularly after confusing "having fun" and "being happy" for so many years.

    But even that's not enough. As I continue to bust hump from dawn to dusk, there is an opportunity cost to the lifestyle I've chosen. I've lost touch with friends I care about. I don't take enough time to "be," whether that means working out, reading a good book or being mindful. That, to me, is the "other side" of working to live and what we mean when we say that the purpose of the journey is the journey itself.

    I appreciate the time you took to write this and the thought provoked by my response. I figure if we read--or write--about this enough, it'll start to sink in and self-fulfill. Fare ye well.


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