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Random Thoughts


Good luck into the close!


  • Has anybody ever seen a "ball" of wax?

  • Micron Tech (MU:NYSE) reports tomorrow and there is an incredibly wide dispersion of opinions on this particular issue.

  • Only 7% of the population are lefties.

  • There are days in this business that rock and you leave your turrets feeling like you just played in the Super Bowl...and then there are days that make you feel like you've absolutely wasted 12 hours sitting in front of a computer.

  • Put/Call ratios are always skewed around expiration.

  • Say no to drugs!

  • Mind the gaps from yesterday morning (S&P 1027 to 1037).

  • Have the brokers joined the breadth as the single best tell? Would that make them the double best tell?

  • One day we'll look back at this and it will all seem funny.

  • You think the Bronco game was bad? I'm casting a wary eye towards the Chargers. Oy.

  • Sean Mueller--you sure picked the wrong year not to remind me of our Raider-Bronco Crystal bet!

  • The Vision of Minyanville has always been philanthropic education. In the months ahead, that's gonna take on a whole new dimension.

  • Which way we wander down the "yellow brick" road towards stagflation will be the key to making money in the domestic markets (thanks Lawrence).

  • I wish that one day, when deciding who gets to play in pick-up basketball games, we decided it by rebounds instead of three's.

  • Coming soon: Life size critters available for your children's birthday party!

  • Boo apologizes for his foul language--he was just quoting Jack Nicholson.

  • Sector bell curves (relative field position) aren't actionable in and of themselves but they certainly should be filed away on the back of your trading radar.

  • Are you trading too many ETF's and not enough individual stocks?

  • SOX 400.

  • The internet master beta quarter-end squeeze is on.

  • They should make bad fish stand in a corner.

  • The Raiders had three legitimate shots at the ring. The Goose fell on Gannon to end the first, the refs (and NFL) conspired to snow them out of a second and they were just plain brow beaten by their former coach in the third. Go Yankees.

  • The flow today? Lack of sellers, short covering (pressers from yesterday) and performance chasers.

  • Last time I was at Miraval, I wanted to do some yoga. When I went to the instructor, she asked me what type of yoga I enjoyed. "Oh, I don't know," I replied, "just some plain vanilla yoga."

  • The Verizon (VZ:NYSE) is thwacking its brethren but is otherwise insulated.

  • When you're 64, will you look back at these years and feel you lived them to your fullest?

  • You don't wanna know what actually goes into chicken McNuggets.

  • Watch BKX 900 as we creep back to that inflection point. And remember it fondly.

  • I think we're almost due for a Sunday football Minyanfest.

  • When is the last time you spoke to your best friend from college?

  • Kobe Rabkin!

  • Through objective eyes, a sideways migration above S&P 1015 is a bullish (basing) pattern.

  • The bears haven't played defense like this since 1984!

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