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More Random Thoughts!


Fare ye well into the bell!


  • Moon River!

  • Yields are dropping faster than my weight--and that's sayin' something. It's amazing what happens when you cut carbs and alcohol out of your diet and hit the gym a few times a week.

  • Hoofy and Boo can brag all they want but Sammy is the only critter that shouldn't be bitter.

  • Where isn't Sprint?

  • We're so sorry....Richard Allen.

  • Discipline over conviction.

  • There are seeds of hope floating around (Google (GOOG:NASD), Lehman (LEH:NYSE), the homies) but our broader tape tells have yet to sow and grow.

  • The DRG and INDU are both sittin' on their 50-days. They're not as important as S&P 1113 or BKX 98 but they fit into the puzzle at some level.

  • I agree in lockstep with Minyan John Roque that the migration to the energy patch is secular in nature.

  • I would officially like to ask ye faithful for forgiveness for anything I may have done this past year to hurt them. This is a time of reflection per my faith and I am sincere in my gesture.

  • Has anybody noticed Jabil (JBL:NYSE) up 6%?

  • Gretchen Morgenson referenced last week's jig in Texan (TXN:NYSE) in her NYT Sunday column. How could the stock rally on bad news? The hedge fund and psychology bubble combined to squeeze the bejezus outa the bears.

  • Suzuki Samurai!.

  • I just got bagged for jury duty on October 4th.

  • Trying to make up for missed opportunities is the quickest way to compound the error.

  • Fokker!

  • This promises to be some contra-hour.

  • I respect Snapper but seriously doubt that he has the mojo to go'go.

  • Does this leg of the sell-off end when Google (GOOG:NASD) gets smacked?

  • We're currently exploring relationships that would elongate the Minyanville learning ladder and provide educational content for the kids. That's our vision--a fiscal fitness franchise--and I won't rest until we're providing financial literacy to generations around the globe.

  • Let's all take a moment to appreciate Mel Brooks.

  • Gotta hop back to the Buzz...

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