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Random Thoughts


When does the "hand stand" end?


  • When did the pot (to piss in) become the standard measure of success?

  • The insider sales/buy ratio in the S&P last week was 1030:1.

  • Seabass Janikowski was arrested (again) Saturday night for a bar brawl. Shocker!

  • The FTSE is outperforming its European brethren by a factor of three.

  • Has anybody ever gotten a parcel that wasn't the whole package?

  • The S&P and NDX continue to hug the uptrend lines (S&P 1020ish/NDX 1365ish).

  • The breadth continues to smell like sour grapes.

  • The average person over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting on line.

  • We're seeing good flow into energy issues today.

  • A lower dollar is a natural by-product of Elmer's printing press. While some strategists view this as bullish (extrapolating on the multinational thesis), my (humble) opinion is that it'll lead to (exported) inflation and eventual stagflation.

  • Markets that spend all day in one direction typically end that way.

  • "Hand" theorists should read Professor Succo's latest buzz.

  • There aren't many things that are more disturbing than losing a football game to the Bronco's. Turn it up, boyz, the whole world is watching.

  • If (big if) the S's slip through 1020, the G-Spot (S&P 1000) is the next erogenous zone.

  • If your firm is interested in sponsoring the upcoming Critters Choice Awards, please let us know!

  • Beeks is quiet until Thursday.

  • Give a man a fish, he'll eat today. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat forever.

  • International Business Machines (IBM:NYSE) first support is 90 (past resistance).

  • The longer the Minx swims in the Red Sea, the less chance that a salty Snapper will emerge.

  • There continues to be aggressive call buying in Hewlett Packard (HPQ:NYSE).

  • Listen to your friend Billy Zane...he's a cool guy.

  • When does the Iraq price tag become a budgetary issue?
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