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Random Thoughts


Tell Slingshot Sally that this is a one woman (cow) town!

  • Nine days remain in our Ruby Peck Katrina Drive to help those in need. Professor Laurie McGuirk has graciously donated an 1865 Italian "T" 20 Lire gold coin (Vittorio Emanuele II) to the cause and we're auctioning it off on eBay as we speak. Mucho snaps to everyone for helping us make a difference during this time of need.

  • Pass the Herb! We noted the dandruff in Autozone (AZO) yesterday and the stock is down a finski today. Snaps to Mr. Greenberg for being in the zone on this puppy.

  • NYSE breadth tried to ride the tide higher (with the futes) but has quickly slipped back to Fugly City, USA (2:1 negative).

  • Keep an eye on the piggies as the BKX tests the August low.

  • Beta has given back some of the earlier nub as eBay (EBAY) and Yahoo! (YHOO) slip into the red.

  • The Rubber and the Road: Part Deux!

  • They call him Pepe. Pepe Depew. "Last night the bullish percent index for the Nasdaq 100 reversed down, the first reversal down for this indicator since January. It reversed up in May. This formally changes the context of the NDX to negative.

    Keep the following on your radar as we press ahead this a.m.:

    • S&P 500 - Support 1205, resistance 1240
    • Dow - Support 10,425, resistance 10,525
    • NDX - Support 1560, resistance 1610
    • Russell 2000 - Support at 650, trendline support at 640, resistance 662-665
    • BKX - 97 is a new sell signal (basis .5x3 chart)
    • SOX - Falling below 464 was a new sell signal this morning on the 2x3 chart, a triple bottom break. Support now at 460, trendline support at 456"

  • Emmanuelle or Emanuele?

  • I was talking to a buddy last night and opined that my biggest failures are my greatest accomplishments. Why? The ability to absorb adversity is a powerful and emboldening wisdom.

  • Rita's dance card.

  • The trannies were flyin' on the heels of FedEx (FDX) but ran into resistance near TRAN 3637. This is a level to watch Minyans.

  • Shocker!

  • The homies thus far held important support at HGX 516 on the heels of Lennar (LEN). See that level, cookie, see that level.

  • Who coined this whole "heels" phrase anyway?

  • Are these the real elephants in the room?

  • Iraq. Katrina. Rita. It adds up quick.

  • Automobile?

  • With the recent upgrades to the Buzz and Banter, the integration of new functionality has caused some technical difficulties that you may have been experiencing this week. We appreciate your patience. Please know that we are working around the clock to rectify this issue and expect to have this upgrade fully functional by the end of the week.

  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

  • If you don't know, don't guess. If you do know, please define your risk anyway. There is, without doubt, two-sided risk.

  • Count De Monet?

  • Television's JeffMacke © has evidently taken exception to my "borrowing" his Tub Thumping format and has threatened to deliver "Twenty Rhyming Randoms" in response. We haven't seen an east coast/west coast confrontation like this since Tupac and Biggie (RIP) squared off!

  • The Texas two-step!

  • Deep breath, Minyans, we're over the Hump!

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