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More Random Thoughts!


How random!


  • Bad omen? Brian Reynolds' cow tried to commit suicide by jumping in his pool. Hey--if she looks like Daisy, can I volunteer to give mouth-to-mouth?

  • You can often tell a lot about an individual stock (or sector) by how it trades during broader market rally (sell-off) tries. I point this out as I watch the supply in the financials and the demand in high beta.

  • I'm alright with my dietary ebb and flow as long as I make lower highs and lower lows.

  • The dollar has coughed up its gains as the metals have grinded back towards the flat line.

  • This is screwy!

  • eBay (EBAY:NASD) is starting to get smushed--watch this in tandem with Google (GOOG:NASD) as net proxies.

  • The Monty tech conference is in motion.

  • The trannies are givin' a bit back. TRAN 3200 is the acne level to watch.

  • Treasury Secretary Snow is on the tape citing the hurricanes as short-term negative for jobs but a longer-term stimulus for the economy.

  • The VXO is up 4% but remains at the low end of the last eight years.

  • S&P 1120ish and then S&P 1113ish.

  • The Clampetts can eat their heart out!

  • No wonder Meehan was late this morning!

  • The cyclicals are hanging tough in the face of tomorrow's third step.

  • Fedability!

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