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More Random Thoughts!


May peace be with you!


  • Sometimes you're the dog, other times you're the hydrant.

  • All kinds of asset allocation chatter is floating around.

  • Two men were arrested in Dearborn, MI and charged with robbing a Bank One branch. Their plan had a fatal flaw. They had jumped onto mountain bikes to make their escape but were evidently unfamiliar with the process of shifting gears. Both men rode away in first gear -- so slowly that one witness followed them easily on foot, and a bank guard got close enough to shoot one of them in the arm, after which they were arrested. (MSNBC)

  • Vols continue to drop across the board. The VXN and QQV are both off 4%.

  • Mourning Glory.

  • I've been debating the Intel (INTC:NASD) psychology and whether the fade (buying weakness into Tuesday's stress test) has been alleviated (by the relative strength since) or whether it'll be prolonged. I don't have a good feel (and won't be here to trade it) so rather than blindly bet, I've flattened that particular position and will focus my energies elsewhere.

  • Here's the dilio: If you want to join the Minyanville weigh-off, send us an email before Tuesday's opening with your name and weight. It's a race for pride, mind you, and the losers will donate $100 to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. Pure honor system and may the best scale win!

  • If I come back in the next month as trading volume, I'll surely win the weight loss bet!

  • Talk about sun-dancing kids!

  • The tape picks up steam as contra-hour rolls to a close and all eyes are on the Spooz--we know stop-shoppin' is in motion but the bulls haven't been able to get to the Morrison Hotel. The breadth is tellin' ya that Hoofy has a shot but be warned, Minyans, if Boo tightens the screws--and contra-hour lives up to their names--there will be more than a few trapped bulls when the double edged sword arrives.

  • A helpful technical education guide.

  • My grandmother called to say that she wished she had her grandsons there to help her board her windows (in front of Hurricane Frances). I put a call into Minyan John Dunn--someone I've never met but corresponded with for years--and he offered to go over there and help Dorothy prepare for the storm. That is the Minyan spirit and something that I will forever be indebted to him for. Pretty amazing, when you think of it, and further testament that there's a lot of good folks out there.

  • If you have more than one keyboard, would you have computer mice?

  • How many DC Minyans would be interested in a late Sunday Minyanfest?

  • The cyclicals (+1%) are probing the recent highs and are within spittin' distance of all-time highs. Uncanny.

  • Teresa Jones Smith was arrested in Lexington, NC after trying to spring her incarcerated boyfriend, Roger Johnson, from jail. According to police, Smith -- who had been seated across from Johnson at a visiting room bench -- was found with a mini blowtorch and other tools trying to cut through the Plexiglas shield that separates prisoners from visitors. Unfortunately for her, more smoke was created than she was prepared for. (Fox News-AP)

  • I'd rather have the sniffles.

  • Fare ye well into the bell and have a SAFE and PEACEFUL holiday weekend!

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