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Random Thoughts


Miss me?


  • Who said pie was easy?

  • Opportunities are made up easier than losses.

  • If you're a contrarian contrarian, does that mean you run with the herd?

  • A few weeks ago, I incorrectly stated that financials approached a 30% weighting of the S&P. The actual weighting is in the low 20s. My bad.

  • Jackson Reamer is one special kid.

  • It's alright to have a big picture thesis as long as your risk profile mimics that time horizon.

  • There's a part of me that thinks the S&P HAS to break out before it can roll over (the path of maximum frustration).

  • It's alright if you're unsure. It's not alright if you blindly guess.

  • Boo had Hoofs on the ropes after the Intel reversal (INTC:NASD) last Friday. When he couldn't knock him out, money started betting on our resident bull.

  • The fear of missing applies to the short side as well.

  • S's over N's.

  • Nicholas Cage was brilliant in Adaptation.

  • The goal of every bear market rally is to convert the most steadfast bears.

  • If you haven't played the Minyanville animated trailer (with sound), you're missing a treat.

  • The Jinx has been en fuego.

  • Stagflation = rising unemployment, sluggish growth and inflation (via higher commodity prices/lower dollar). When does the market start sniffin' that out?

  • Ever since 2001, I've measured my years September to September.

  • When does the liquidity abate? After it drowns all the bears.

  • Can the Raiders get back to the Bowl? Only if they stay healthy.

  • Lionel was spotted wearing a Minyanville tee in Queens last week.

  • What are the chances that Dubya and Elmer are eating KFC for lunch?

  • The Cowboys won't see .500 this year.

  • The answer to debt isn't more debt.

  • Time is the most precious of all commodities.

  • Positive confirmation...or the news is always 'best' at the top?

  • "Hey, how 'bout a good afternoon....thanks for the freakfest last night?"

  • That anxiousness you feel will increase lock step with each tick closer to year end.

  • Getting sick on vacation sucks.

  • My vote is to get our troops out of the Middle East ASAP.

  • A close above S&P 1015 will stir the hornets' nest.

  • American Chopper.

  • There are some mongo announcements coming to Minyanville regarding content, the event, contributors and the scope of our humble little town.

  • Did you know that Bobby and Pigpen were fired from the Grateful Dead in the late 60's (only to rejoin).

  • I'm seeing some size put sellers in the DIA.

  • If (big if) the S's break out through 1015-1020, they have 'room' to 1040-1050.
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