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Random Thoughts


There will be NO kissing in this trailer!


  • As the winds from Hurricane Isabel swept over Arlington National Cemetery, the soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknowns were given, for the first time in history, permission to abandon their posts and seek shelter-they did not.

  • The dollar is getting smoked like a Philly Blunt and that fact is getting loud in trading circles

  • S&P 1030 and NDX 1385 (previous highs) will now act as the first downside support.

  • After today, there will be seven trading days left in the quarter and nearly everyone thinks that the market ramps into it. Think about that.

  • I see the consolidation pattern breakout in the BKX but there remains legitimate resistance in and around BKX 900.

  • The gold jig is impressive as the metals continue to shine.

  • You'll never know your limitations until you reach them...and never reach your potential until you get there.

  • The OSX (oil service index) stochastics have given a stochastic buy signal. The trannies have given a stochastic sell signal.

  • The high bid that's time stamped before 12:00pm today will win the animated Minyanville auction!

  • Do you think Caesar would be psyched if they knew they named a salad after him?

  • There's a very important IMF meeting this weekend. With a lopsided market, drab dollar and the potential for post-expiration hangover, Monday should be quite the interesting session.

  • Talking to George Soros about Grandpa Ruby has to rank up there as one of the cooler conversations I've had.

  • Hoofy is pointing to the recent crude spill as bullish crutch.

  • The average mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 40,000 of them are recurring. If you factor in all the time you spend thinking about the future and what you have to do, how much time is left to enjoy the here and now?

  • I haven't stopped working since the age 13. No wonder I'm so tired!

  • S&P 1050ish is still a resistance area but not an expiration pin (index options expire in the morning).

  • The ETF's went ex-dividend today---that's why the SPY opened .40 lower.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein!

  • Sometimes the light's all shining on me--other times I can barely see.

  • Expiration action typically occurs around the bells. Watch for potential pins as we edge towards our requisite two day respite.

  • Something tells me that the critters are destined for stardom.

  • Everyone and their pooch is conditioned to buy the dips now. Everyone. You can't blame 'em (it's been working) but the level of complacency and fear of missing are at levels unseen since the pre-bubble days. That's some scary schvitz!

  • Why do so many people get enjoyment from other people's misfortune?

  • Do something Joel this weekend.

  • 1/2 hour left in the auction!
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