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Mornin' Randoms


Before getting pinned on expiration!


  • When does the equity market realize that fundamental downticks coupled with a hawkish Fed isn't bullish? And will that matter in an environment where funds are desperate for performance and pressing their bets accordingly?

  • "The long-term budget projections are just horrifying. I've got four children and it really disturbs me. I just think it's irresponsible what we're doing to them." --Leonard Burman, co-director of tax policy for the Urban Institute.

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE)--which I believe is the most important stock in the world--is overbought and ticklin' resistance at $47.50-75. A move through there--with confirmatory volume--would be a huge boon for the bulls (and a wise stop for Boo's bet).

  • Rich Gula touched on the big stinkin' elephant in the middle of Minyanville. Rates just aren't supporting the notion of a robust economic recovery.

  • I believe that my educational handicap for the year end stakes remains in play.

  • If expiration trends continues, today's action should bookend on the bells.

  • I'm jacked for tomorrow's Yankees-Sox game at the stadium. Thanks again to Minyan Dan Meehan for the look!

  • The small caps popped yesterday after the Russell 2000 successfully defended its 200-day stay.

  • I shattered my uber-diet these past few days as it is tradition in the Jewish religion to welcome in the new year with "sweetness." I'm back on the case today--I think--but have lost a little ground (and found some weight).

  • Pennant race! Gold has formed an extended flag formation of higher lows and lower highs.

  • Equity funds reported net cash inflows of $1.722BB for the week ended September 15th.

  • I really enjoyed my time with Ruby the last few days.

  • In ten years from now--when folks realize that the basis of their investments (USD) has appreciably depreciated--the metals will have already emerged as the alternative currency.

  • With 46 days until the election, Dubya has opened a 13-point lead over Senator Kerry.

  • Do the technicals have to give the "all clear" before Boo can launch his sneak attack?

  • The action in the trannies is the most bullish thing on my board.

  • I think Bernard Hopkins is gonna put some serious hurt on Oscar this weekend.

  • I believe we're going to announce our newest professor next week after spending our weekend at his place (hint).

  • A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and I've learned to read everything the man writes. He's that good!

  • Does your risk profile match your time horizon?

  • I think I may have to rent The Jerk this weekend and spend some QT with Navin.

  • Watch the cyclicals today to see if they're Ford tough (F:NYSE).

  • Good luck today--let's end this week with some jingle in our jeans.

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