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Random Thoughts


Watch the breadth on the heels of the FOMC..IF it doesn't fail, we should sail.


  • What's the point of having silent letters in a word?

  • What if a word was made up entirely of silent letters?

  • And what's with "it's spelled "xyz" but pronounced differently?" Why don't they just spell it the way it's supposed to sound? Is my real name really Xavier (but spelled T-o-d-d)?

  • Hoofy just walked by and mentioned Snoop's article about how the overbought condition is being alleviated (as the market bases). It's a valid point and must be respected. Boo countered that there hasn't been any follow-through momentum since the acne emerged...which is a valid point as well.

  • The action in the brokers is a huge tell for the overall tape. They've broken out technically and are acting great but some pretty serious underlying issues remain. Kinda sums it all up, eh?

  • There is a lot of buzz (and call buying) in Hewlett Packard (HPQ:NYSE) today.

  • The only true failure is not to try.

  • Isabel has a serious attitude.

  • I haven't gotten much flavor on Friday's expiration but, in form holds, the price action will be most reflective in the next couple of sessions. As I've said in the past, I think "gaming" a direction is futile--there are too many crosscurrents. I've found, over the years, that expiration exacerbates volatility as the Minx sprints through strike price levels.

  • I toured the venue for the Critters Choice Awards last night. Wow.

  • A lot of people did a lot of bad things during the bubble--there is no denying that. It was only after the bubble burst and fortunes were lost, however, that it became a focus. I sense that the same phenomenon is occurring now but as long as the world's largest thermometer keeps rallying, few will question the manner in which it was achieved.

  • I can't believe that I just bit my lip. After 34 years of chewing, you'd think that I'd have it down by now!

  • There is a 1:30pm meeting of an asbestos study group today.

  • Bennie the dog.

  • The average ear of corn has eight-hundred kernels arranged in sixteen rows.

  • I'm all for the proactive rooting out of terrorism--trust me. I'm curious, however, in how the markets (or the world, for that matter) would react if we turn our guns towards Syria and introduce the prospect of a multi-front Middle East war?

  • George Soros is slated to sign the Minyanville all-star guitar on Thursday!

  • The most popular sport as a topic for a film is boxing.

  • I bet on Sugar Shane Mosley...but took 8-1 odds on the knockout. I figured that De La Hoya was the technically superior fighter and if it went the distance, he'd win the punch count. Despite the outcome, I still believe that to be the case.

  • The vision of Minyanville is creative education and philanthropy. In the months ahead, you'll begin to see that content evolve.

  • The "consumer over cyclical" trade is reverting today.

  • Would you rather do something you love and make little money or do something you hate and make a lot of money? (No, you can't choose both)

  • If Elmer shocks the world and raises rates, hold onto your helmets.

  • If Dick Grasso didn't set his own salary, it's hard to fault him for taking the money. Wouldn't you?

  • Steve Van Starker!
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