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Morning Randoms


Hit 'em hard today, Minyans!

  • Please don't squeeze the Charmin!

  • The grabby greenback is trying to mount the 50-day hump at DXY 88.24 (which also coincides with the downtrend line from July). Jitterbugs would be wise to watch Private Benjamin today.

  • Speaking of which, metal equities were en fuego yesterday as the XAU edged to a new '05 high and set her sights on a triple triple (three year triple top).

  • The most popular show in Matador City.

  • Baton Twirling!

  • Whereas Lehman (LEH) was Beek's peek (and our tell) yesterday, the mighty Bear (BSC) should remain on our radar on the heels of this morning's (better than expected) earnings.

  • It's hard not to be reminded of Bill Meehan.

  • The NY Federal Reserve Bank will meet with Wall Street banks today to discuss credit derivative risks. I would personally like to see Professor John Succo moderate those discussions.

  • A summary of what I have been writing about these past four years, only more eloquently (and all in one paper)! -- Professor Laurie McGuirk

  • Delta (DAL) and Northwest (NWAC) bit the belly up bullet yesterday. Just in time for Prudential to punt NWAC from overweight to underweight and lower its target to $0.


  • It's not a pleasant morning for Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB) as the stock has been downgraded by everyone and their mother. FITB is already getting spanked for approximately (6.25%) pre-market and has a 3.26% weighting in the BKX.

  • Professor Brian Reynolds offers his take on the latest spate of corporate bond issuance. Hoofy and Boo would both be well served to read this input from the credit desks.

  • The Altria (MO) call buyers continued to peck away in size yesterday.

  • Iran. Iran so far away. Couldn't get away.

  • I still think that Gene Hackman's best role was in Young Frankenstein. And yes, I mean Gene Hackman.

  • S&P 1225 is both an expiration magnet (into tomorrow morning) and the 50-day moving average.

  • There's no inflation. Seriously. Just ask the BLS.

  • Did everyone see Elmer distance himself from Aunt Fannie (FNM) and Uncle Freddie (FRE) after the close yesterday?

  • Keep an eye on those pesky piggies as they edge back below BKX 98.

  • The Ruby Peck Foundation Katrina relief effort is hummin' and we still need your help (100% of the proceeds raised in September will be distributed directed to those in need). Minyanville is also doing our part as we're sending critter clothes down south. A little effort goes a long way, Minyans, so please help us make a difference.

  • Good luck today.

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